Don’t Let Spider Veins Ruin Your Summer

Spider veins are small, thin blood vessels visible just below the surface of your skin on your face or legs.  Though spider veins may be harmless, their appearance often makes many women cover up in the summer.

Thankfully, there’s help for unwanted spider veins. Learn more about spider veins including what you can do to prevent and treat them.

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What are spider veins?

Spider veins are small veins visible beneath the surface of the skin. While often harmless, their presence could be a symptom of poor circulation in the face or legs and they may be a precursor to varicose veins.

What causes them?

Spider veins are most often caused by reduced blood flow due to standing or sitting for long periods of time. Additional factors may lead to spider vein formation including:

  • Genetics – A family history of spider veins may make you more susceptible to developing them.
  • Age – As you age, your veins weaken and lose elasticity.
  • Obesity – Pressure on your legs caused by extra weight can lead to spider veins and varicose veins.
  • Pregnancy – Pregnant women often develop spider veins due to decreased blood flow to the legs to support a growing baby. They often disappear three to 12 months following a pregnancy.

How can I prevent spider veins?

The following are steps you can take to prevent and manage spider veins:

  • Maintain a healthy weight – Reduce pressure on your legs by maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Keep your blood flowing – If you sit for long periods of time, take a walk every 30 minutes and avoid crossing your legs while seated. Exercise your legs by walking or running to strengthen your muscles and increase circulation.
  • Elevate your feet – Prop your feet up to reduce the appearance of spider veins. Your legs should be elevated higher than your heart for best results.
  • Wear compression socks – Lightweight compression socks can help prevent and manage spider vein symptoms.
  • Avoid the sun – Excessive sun exposure can make spider veins worse by breaking down the collagen beneath the skin.
  • Talk to your doctor – While you may be able to manage spider veins on your own, talk to your doctor to make sure you’re not experiencing another significant vascular problem.
  • Get treatment – Treatments are available to eliminate spider veins in your legs or face without surgery or long recovery periods.
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Eliminate the appearance of spider veins this summer

Spider veins don’t have to ruin your summer. Sclerotherapy is the leading treatment to eliminate spider veins. Guided by an ultrasound, a fine needle injects medication directly into the spider vein. This medication collapses the vein and reabsorbs it into your body. Each vein may need one or several injections and can disappear within a few weeks or several months.

Don’t let spider veins on legs be an embarrassment any longer. At Coastal Vein Aesthetic Institute, we treat spider veins and varicose veins with safe and effective therapies. Get in touch to learn how we can help you.

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