Author Jacalyn Burke an Interview

Jacalyn Burke immigrated to NYC from London, England to follow a dream, like most American immigrants do. Her dream of becoming a published author turned into so much more when she fell in love with child care and got to know the children and families of New York City.

Jacalyn Burke

“I fell into child care as a vocation the way some people fall in love. We met (myself and the families) through friends, we both felt a connection and before I knew it – I was working as a Manhattan nanny. I had fallen into child care and while I struggled with the low social esteem (characteristic of “service” employment), the wages and the hours – I did love the opportunity to nurture and witness the unfolding of new human beings. My children were all precious to me and so were my nanny peers. Overtime I grew friendships with parents. And before I knew it I had spent a decade of my life in the world of child care, Jacalyn stated.

This experience would affect her deeply. Jacalyn learned that in private care giving, there are issues and conditions and behavior that impacts our children on a daily basis. In 2007 she formed a company called Baby Does NYC with the aim of creating a line of infant clothing. However, the company morphed into an information hub for new parents.

While Jacalyn was building her business she continued to work as a nanny. She even started blogging and wrote a book.

“My love for children and for the hardworking parents and nannies everywhere impelled me to address what I and many others term as a “child care crisis”. My dream has been fulfilled and I was even featured in the New York Times this year – something unimaginable to the young girl from London. My hope is that with a new president our priorities as a society will shift toward more family friendly policies. At any rate it is my mission to continue to support parents and domestic workers – and in a sense, it is fitting that my first book is about this subject,” explained Jacalyn.

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