Mother Nature Is A Minimalist


This environmental life is a genetic pathway for every physical being of our evolutionary world. The big biotic picture is simple to understand, when all else fails, read the directions. Mother Nature executes an inside and outside biochemical harmony, on land, in the air and under the seas, for our world’s anatomical, physiological and nutritional well-being. To be healthy requires a natural minimalist lifestyle. The planet’s food chain is billions of years old, continuous and perfect in every ecosystem on the planet. The Earth’s living supplies are shared between the plants, animals and the fertile ground. Created daily to support the cells of our body, our blood is the microscopic ocean of our life. This watery liquid is Nature’s way of moving the energy and nutrients in and out of biological life, functioning at a cellular level. Working like a pump, our heart extends its arms in every direction. The arteries and veins with the heart form a cardiovascular tubular network. The “arteries” give “oxygen rich” blood to the capillary fields of our tissues. With one-way valves, the “veins” prevent the back flow of blood. Any bodily movement squeezes the veins coursing through the contracting skeletal muscles. Exercise pushes carbon dioxide and other wastes products of watery metabolism away from the tissues, through the veins and back to the heart. This worldly life is a conscious and unconscious endless loop, transporting water and its living constituents, air, energy and nutrients throughout our body. Every moment until death, the heart feeds and the musculature moves waste to cleanse the body.

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The blood and the extracellular fluid (the fluids around each cell) is an above the ground swimming pool, filled to the top with energy and nutrients. We dive into this living pond with its planetary contents everyday in life. Like the few quarts of oil in a car’s engine, the few liters of blood in our body make our watery life happen. We swim in a microscopic ocean manifested from our natural evolutionary lifestyle. This life giving composition of our organic seas comes from a gene determination; Earth’s wildlife breathes, drinks and eats from our global natural seasonal environments. Since the first living organism 3.5 billion years ago, cellular survival is about work and play, breathing, drinking, eating, moving, resting and minding our individual intelligence. The consumption of energy and nutrients is as important as the elimination of our metabolic waste. For the supply and demand life of plants and animals, the healthy condition has not changed for the herbs or for the herbivores, omnivores and carnivores of this planet. The energy and nutrients of life maintain our microcellular ocean; our natural living swims in an earthly pool that feeds and bathes us for a natural healthy and heavenly life.


We are the blood relatives of Earth, living life in animation, relating to one another through a planet’s food chain. Mother Nature’s colorful waters are the energy and nutrient sources of life for plants and animals. These colored waters of energy and nutrients are the foods of the past, present and our future. Some things can’t be altered. An oil spill threatens a natural environment and its wild beings. This petroleum turns a watery environment into a black sludge, coating everything. From crude oil, chemical companies manufacture everything from gasoline to synthetic vitamins. Our body is one of Nature’s watery environments; our blood is a suspended life. What we put into our body dissolves into its watery domain or it does not. The blood of contemporary humanity is saturated with artificial impurities. Like an oil spill, our watery blood becomes a toxic superfund with concentrated forms of non-nutritive substances. This is stuff we put on our skin or into our digestive tract, which the body doesn’t want.

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This mammalian life is easy when you understand Mother Nature’s watery foods lifestyle


One watery environment flows into another, living waters make-up all animated life. Are we confused about our living waters? Carnivores consume living waters because their prey is a watery environment. Herbivores consume living waters because plants are watery environments too. The food chain, since DNA life began, consumes and lives in watery environments. Human mother’s milk is a watery environment and the best food for an infant. Mother Nature’s milks are watery environments and the best foods for every earthling. The whole Earth consumes watery foods, except for us modern humans. Watery foods come from plants and animals; the processed junk from stores and restaurants are like an oil disaster, happening to our body’s microscopic ocean. Our blood transforms to thick syrup tainted with all kinds of non-watery man-made chemicals, which interfere with natural life. Our wading pool is saturated with all the energy and nutrients of life, consuming Nature’s watery foods. Or, the watery viscosity of our blood is lowered, polluted with consumer acidic foods, synthetic cosmetics, and artificial drugs from alcohol to pharmaceuticals. This mammalian life is easy when you understand Mother Nature’s watery foods lifestyle, unprocessed and raw, and her minimalistic ways, feeding the plants and animals of the Earth to be healthy.

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