The Nutrient Pools of Life



This global involvement is about breathing, drinking, eating, moving, resting and being in sunlight. Each one of these variables is required, or a healthy life will not exist. Every moment we dive into a pool of nourishing liquid from morning till night, swimming the surfaces with our intelligence. Our brain craves energy and nutrients to satisfy our bodily needs, seeking to supply our blood, daily with fresh ingredients. From our cardiovascular circulation a mini ocean surrounds the cells of our tissues. This microscopic sea feeds us and cleanses our body with its soluble contents. Nature does a beautiful job, creating our world’s oceans as well as our own personal micro-oceans. Clean air and water are as important to us as the natural foods consumed. The food supplies various fundamental elements to our subsisting, more than the atmosphere and rain. Our terrestrial habitat is responsible for every refreshing pool we season. The brain controls the many pools of nourishment in our blood from the amino acid pool, the carbohydrate pool, the fatty acid pool, the vitamin and mineral pools and dozens of other pools science studies to understand their functions. These are the positive pools of nutrition, giving us life. If one food gave us all the properties of life, would we need for a variety of consumables to eat? Life comes with negative pools too. These are non-nutritive substances, which need to be removed like cellular waste products and the man-made toxins, being absorbed into our bodies. These non-beneficial materials interfere, congest and pollute our physical existence. If these chemical components are not disposed of, they will take our life with a disease.

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For all of evolutionary time, the yearly seasons support the life of the plants and animals of Earth until recent history. Today we choose between Nature’s planetary lifestyle with its menus of evolution or we settle for these processed fast foodstuffs. The drive-up window is a new artificial style of eating. This manufactured stuff never existed before until this last century. Comparing the diet of a person living in California five hundred yeas ago to what is eaten today is beyond reason. The genetics of plants and animals and their natural environments evolved together for hundreds of millions of years. This codependence and interdependence is life and the health for every organism on the planet. If Earth weren’t a healthy way of acting, life would not evolve to this present day. When humans and our industrial age came along, changes occurred to the course of Nature with man-made non-biodegradable commodities, which the materialists say are better for us. Witness the wildlife persisting today on this cosmic sphere. Their habits don’t create the degenerative diseases contemporary humanity is troubled with. Understand this about our life, the planet’s way creates a vigorous environment and this genetic program will also heal the imbalances of modernized life.


Everything that gets into the body, which is non-nutritive to our cells, is a toxin and must be discarded out of our body. If for some reason the body can’t dispose of these life-inhibiting substances, the body must store these toxins, like in the fat cells. In 1966 Henry G. Bieler MD in his book “Food Is Your Best Medicine” defines obesity as “toxic bloat.” These non-nutritive chemicals in our environments cause this intoxication. They enter the body through our breathing, drinking, eating and through our skin, like from synthetic cosmetics. Animals in the wild do not experience a problem with their weight because of their raw natural food conduct. The liver is the most critical detoxifying organ in the body. Take a good look at the pathways toxins take when being eliminated or stored in this detailed diagram.

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The choices are always in front of us. The nutrient pools of life come from Nature. Realize the “heart” options and the “ego” discretions. The heart’s preferences are about “love” for our mind and body with the virtues of life. The ego’s selections are not concerned with love; they are about our modernistic obsessions with their vices.


Ignorance is a life of ignoring the truth



There are no right or wrong directions, only consequences to our ignorant behaviors described as ego addictions. Ignorance is the life of ignoring the truth.

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