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Brittany Colasuonno

Brittany is originally from North Carolina but after falling in love with a man in the military, now resides in Alaska with her husband and daughter. She is a stay-at-home mom who has a strong passion for health and fitness. Brittany is a blogger that writes about parenting tips, healthy recipes, fitness advice and military life. She believes that a healthy life is a better life. She strives to be an active parent and blogs about many of the parenting activities she does with her daughter, Madison. As a seasoned military brat and now a military wife, Brittany is passionate about helping other military spouses through the many transitions that come with being married to an Active Duty member. Brittany enjoys spending time with her family, a good workout and trying new recipes! You can find her on facebook, twitter, instagram and at her blog anchoredmommy.com.