Are Your Kids Safe at School?

Girl School

Are Your Kids Safe at School? (Part One)

“The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise.” 

~ Tacitus ~

Girl School

The alarm clock sounds. Another school day begins. The kids not only are awake and up, but are washed and dressed. They eat breakfast and then—yippee!—brush their teeth. Backpacks are stuffed with lunch, books, and all sorts of things depending on the age of the child. They are ready to roll. You walk them to the bus stop or drive them to school because it’s your carpooling day. You wave good-bye and as they fade from your sight, you shout, “Have a great day!”

Have a great day! What does that mean?

Of course you hope they have a great day, a productive day, a day that includes learning and developing and maturing as they interact with their teachers and their peers and contend with their school’s normal routines and demands. But isn’t the primary concern of all parents the safety and security of their children? If it isn’t, it should be.

What parents expect, even if they don’t consciously think about it, is that their children will enter a school environment that is caring, supportive, nurturing, protective, and safe.

Do you watch them until they get to the door?

As a teacher and a principal, I observed what I came to realize was a daily “routine” that many parents followed if they drove or walked their children to school. They watched. They watched their child until he or she was safely inside the building. While this behavior may be more common at the elementary or middle school levels, it underscores a critical concern for all parents; the safety of my child.

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Parents need –at least- to feel confident that their school is a relatively safe place while realizing that accidents happen and some things can’t be anticipated.  Are you confident that the safety and security rules, regulations, and protocols set forth by your school and school district are comprehensive enough to ensure a safe, productive, and healthy learning environment for your child? Isn’t it worth your time to become familiar with your school district’s policies? Stay tuned for Part Two coming soon.

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