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Think of our physical body as a sovereign state with citizen cells, being the societal members of an organic republic. Each planetary cell has a purpose and works for the unity of all interdependent cells, living a genetic, evolutionary and environmental lifestyle. Communication between the cells is our body’s ever present moment. Every cell is equipped with the same intelligence; being born everyday, they live and die everyday. Our complete intelligence is duplicated in every cell. This chromosomal intelligence is traceable back to the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. These genetic programs go back to a fresh water fish with legs and lungs 365 million years ago. The Earth’s plant and animal organisms, throughout evolutionary time, share one thing in common. We all have Mother Nature’s genes for a healthy DNA mind and body life. It doesn’t matter what plant or animal we talk about, all of God’s children live this natural energy and nutrient lifestyle. All except contemporary humanity, who are suffering from these unnatural, civilized degenerative diseases.


The Earth’s surface is ¾’s water, which evaporates steam into the equatorial atmosphere. These atmospheric steam clouds blow snow onto our mountains; the melting fresh water then journeys back to the oceans. This distribution system generates life and quenches the thirst on Earth for water. Water is a medium, the environmental substance, for our evolutionary functions. This genetic experience begins in water and while alive, continues in water; every cell is mostly composed of and lives in water. The main ingredient in our life, our body is ¾’s water. Energy and nutrients come in water; energy and nutrients fuel the body’s functions for a healthy mind and body life. Each organism requires water, energy and nutrients and we depend on the planet’s timeless food chain. Nature’s “continuum concept” is responsible for this planet’s food chain. This planetary lifestyle waters and feeds organic life; it’s a continuous health plan with no premiums. The only requirement is the consumption of these seasonal created packages of energetic nutrient waters. These are the planetary foods and they are very different from these modern popular fast foods.

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Nature’s foods are naturally right and these authentic planetary foods are organically light. Containing an abundance of water, they are  jammed packed with energy and nutrients. These seasonal watery foods are easy to recognize; they nourish life daily and for millions of years on our planet. Trust Nature and all the earthly foods produced each year. This nourishment sustains plant and animal life; it’s a continuation, going on Earth. Trust a banana; its intelligence is a genetic program. The Earth’s food is intelligently designed for the planet’s wildlife. No matter what science says, these fast food products will never have genetic programs and will always be toxins to the body. Endotoxins, cellular waste products, and exotoxins, absorbed non-nutritive materials, are processed for elimination out of our bodies. Or, they are stored and become major contributors to the current obesity in our society today. The liver is the body’s most important organ for detoxification, cleansing the blood from impurities, working together with the kidneys and lungs.


Foods known to cleanse the liver are also foods that nourish the liver. In fact, Nature’s foods are the foods for the Earth’s wildlife. Humankind is part of Nature’s wildlife and we are designed to live the same lifestyle as all the other planetary beings of Earth. Why do we choose to eat the heavy foods of modern technology? Why do we smoke twenty cigarettes a day? No person will ever know why, addictions are not genetic; they are just habits, bad habits of our egos. Love is the only real cure. Heal self, our mind and body self, with the love from our own hearts. Love yourself with Nature’s love and be healthy and light. The other choice is, hate yourself, being unnatural with the heaviness of our modern artificial surviving.

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