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The Modern Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle



The anti-inflammatory lifestyle, it’s not Nature’s long existing planetary lifestyle. This modern lifestyle goes against all logical thinking. The body’s physiological “inflammatory” responses are the immune system functions; they are the stimulating actions into everyday physical insults. These “911 calls” are requests for assistance to a life and death emergency. Every biological moment generates the mental ups with those physical downs. Today’s contemporary life is about natural evolutionary harmony with its artificial revolutionary bruises. Our tangential “inner” mind learns about who we are in this present moment. This differs from the “outer” immediate attention to our physical well-being, which is the primary action and principle physiology of our body. The first responders, activated by biochemical hormonal communications, get the right of way, traveling the blood stream without any resistance to repair damaged tissues. This inflammatory process is the “number one” action of zoological life, directly depended on breathing, drinking and eating. The tissues of our body, when calm, are under the control of the parasympathetic nervous system. When the skin is cut, many levels of bioenergetics switch on and certain systemic communication systems start broadcasting.


As soon as the brain finds out, the whole body knows about the breech of integrity. An inflammatory alarm excites the sympathetic nervous system. Instantly, the information many cells are injured and we are losing blood, is spread. It is truly a miracle, how our body repairs itself. Bleeding starts after the “ouch” experience and inflammation begins its instantaneous process. A blood clot develops to an injured site, sealing a microscopic leek. A “take no prisoners” immune system attacks a toxic infestation by opportunistic microorganisms. The garbage eating neutrophils, a major immune cell found in the blood, are the body’s instant and constant clean up crew for biodegradable debris. A clotting, then to a clean up, inflammation’s final step is the repair, leaving scared tissues stronger than before. This is Nature’s healthy (or heal-thy) self-response. Like everything else in evolution, inflammatory similarity in animals is worldwide, resembling the planet’s genetic conditioning in all life.

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22-inflamThe first amphibian creature to walk on the land goes back 365 million years ago. They did so with a skeleton, similar to the four-legged animals of today. Our own Homo sapiens skeleton resembles this evolutionary past. All are related within Earth’s global DNA family, practicing an environmental terrestrial culture. The “inflammatory response” is as old as any of the skeletons in our evolutionary closet. Healing from an injury dates back to the “primordial soups” of the early oceans; genetic plant and animal life is three billion years old. Being “anti-inflammatory” means, going against inflammation and suppressing our internal healing processes. This does not make sense. To understand animal physiology, inflammation must be one of the earliest processes to evolve in biological life. The main purpose of inflammation is to self-heal, removing toxins by processing them from a body’s injury site. A skin cut is an obvious emergency concern by our cellular intelligence but there are so many not so obvious injuries, being created unknowingly.


Today, toxins are stored in the body, causing chronic inflammation; their acidic chemistry stresses the alkaline nature of our tissues. A chronic condition is the size of a microscopic landfill. Our unhealthy acidic habits continue to fill these molecular dumpsites with useless matter and dangerous substances. Alerting the garbage collecting opportunistic scavengers, these modern inflammatory degenerative diseases are all caused by our ignorance. The only “true” physiological way to heal oneself and reverse these chronic conditions is not to ignore them. Stop the unhealthy habits and start to over nourish the body with an abundance of planetary energy and nutrients, joined together with a lot of mental rest (sleep). This is evolutionary healing and all the wildlife on the planet inherited the genes to self-heal.


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The “inflammatory lifestyle” is Nature’s way. All of Nature’s wildlife supports this style of being. The Earth’s lifestyle loves and lives a genetic, evolutionary and environmental existence on Earth, no matter what period of evolution we talk about. The herbivores and carnivores, before and after the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago, they all lived this natural way, consuming the planet’s food chains from every revolving season. Plant eaters and flesh eaters, everyone is programmed by the Earth’s environmental conditioning; no animal in all of time ever processed their food, other than chewing and swallowing it. Planetary foods, supplied fresh, are the best and only real foods to nourish the body and all its biochemical and physiological functions. There’s no way to improve this natural system from its inflammation to its fertilization. A living phenomenon is Nature’s continuum of life.

“The Apple does not fall far from the Tree”


The best philosophy of life to accept for creating our evolutionary health is, “the apple does not fall far from the tree.” In these chaotic times, to be really healthy only requires a conscious connection with our Mother Nature’s “Tree of Life.” Founded in the Earth’s gardens of Eden, healthy means, being surrounded by the energy and nutrients of biological origins. To be healthy only involves one’s participation in this garden lifestyle to reap the benefits. An inflammatory disease can be put out with an inflammatory supporting lifestyle. Nature’s foods and juices nourish our immunity to peak performance; Nature and only Nature supplies the evolutionary foods intended for our body. Understand non-evolutionary foods are non-nutritive substances to a high degree and if stored, become inflammatory target sites in our tissues. Chronic disease happens when there are too many inflammatory sites for our immune system to handle; we break down, not being able to cope and are forced to pay attention. Some of us will swallow anti-inflammatory agents and antacids for an inorganic chemical re-balance, countering the inflammatory foods we are addicted to eating. Others will fast, drink lots of water and eat Mother Nature’s alkaline foods to sustain our inflammatory actions and lifestyle, preventing, healing and repairing our tissues harmed by environmental traumas.

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