Modern Heavy Foods are Not Nature’s Light Watery Foods


Heavy foods are the manufactured inflammatory “food-like” products of these contemporary times. They are not from our planet’s Creator and they are not from Mother Nature. The plants we eat have evolved, attesting to the millions of years in animal continuance. Today it takes a life and death situation, a serious chronic inflammatory disease, for some to discover our Earth’s healthy lifestyle. These heavy eatables are “non-foods” and we use them for there convenience. They are the prepared and heated comestibles, packaged in paper bags from grocery stores and take-out restaurants. These artificial foodstuffs with synthetic chemical additives are scientifically researched and concocted in certified kitchen laboratories, then sold to us as inexpensive nutrition. A high percentage of our society lives exclusively or mostly on these processed commodities. We think these international companies, producing these fast foods, are normal for today’s planetary life, competing with each other for us to buy their brand of junk food. Everyone is in an agreement; they are cheap on our income-controlling budgets. Let’s all get high on these lifeless “legal” drugs; beet sugar crystals (sucrose) and high fructose corn syrups are addicting, comatosing the sugar junkies like any of the processed “illegal” substances. Sanctioned by a government agency to be safe and not harmful. We get undernourished from these unhealthy commercial confections, then sick, falling into a pharmaceutical-controlling health industry, suggesting cures for these modern diseases with their latest patented drug treatments. From TV commercials and radio advertisements, to the billboards along every highway, the smiling people we see in these ads, eating their cheap food, psychologically hook us. Actors with “dollar sign” faces and enthusiastic voices sing their company’s subliminal propaganda. Our bodily chemical addictions come later, after our habitual use of these baked, fried and broiled refined plant, animal and synthetic concoctions. No other animal on our evolving planet eats this way; all the herbivores, carnivores and every biological being in between, use a seasonal earthly lifestyle to consume fresh energy and nutrients from their natural environments.

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These common degenerative diseases, plaguing humanity today, we can’t find them in the wild animal populations of our world. No one ever sees a gazelle, being chased by a lion in the wilds of Africa, fall dead from a heart attack. Think back to our recent evolutionary times, before humans started farming grasses 13,000 years ago. In the worldwide environments our ancestors were “hunters and gatherers” for millions of years. Except for the people in the coldest regions of the Earth, like the Arctic, “hunting” was only 10% of the diet, 90% came from the “gathering” of a plant-based nutrition of watery foods. The same percentages apply today because it’s our genetic, evolutionary and environmental heritage. In fact, human mother’s milk is not only the perfect food for the first years of an infant’s life; mother’s milk also mirrors this 90/10 nutritional planetary program. Human mother’s milk is 87% water, 7% lactose (carbohydrate energy), 4% fat, 1-2% protein and less than 1% minerals. Our first food seems to shed a light on what evolutionary foods we need to eat for a healthy life, which are Nature’s watery foods, like our mother’s milk. Compare Mother Nature’s watery foods to these current logo foods of industry. There must be a good reason why we eat these industrial strength foodstuffs. I am sorry, I can’t think of one that’s physiologically good. Most people eat processed foods because they are unaware of the consequent addictions and chemical stresses to our bodies. Many think cheap food helps them and their families survive the financial costs of our materialistic livelihood, ignoring the real cost to our health in mind and body. Food is supposed to give us energy and nutrients, something our body biochemically needs and uses. These modern fast foods have only been around for a few years, less than one human lifespan. The hormone and antibiotic feedlot cattle, the refined baking flours for hamburger buns and donuts, they cannot compare to a strawberry, some blackberries or a handful of blueberries. This artificial stuff does not have a genetic, evolutionary and environmental natural story. There are fossilized bananas 42 million years old; how old are cooked sodas in an aluminum can?

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A typical breakfast for our everyday commuting nation is bakery sweets and hot coffee with sugar. This meal is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. There isn’t any energy or raw nutrients in this kind of meal and our body will waste real energy and nutrients, dealing with it. Try to drive your car without gasoline or oil; understand our body cannot function without its energy and nutrients. Look at these two cross-sections of watery foods in the soil and when these root vegetables are cut and mixed into a phytonutrient salad. See the colors of these different vegetables; they represent the rainbow energy and full spectrum of the universe’s electromagnetic radiation, transformed into fruits and vegetables from our sun’s light. We all still possess a hunter and gatherer mind and body; nothing has changed for us as far as energy and nutrients are concern. A very high percentage of our diet needs to be raw fruits and vegetable because it was the diet for the hunters and gatherers of prehistoric humanity. Realize for all of biological time, Nature is the real provided for life and will be in the future.

Nature is the real provided for life and will be in the future


The last few hundred years may be the worst time ever for Homo sapiens nutrition. We civilized humans need to be reminded, our food comes from our planet and it is already prepared perfectly for us to consume. All we have to do is eat them when they are ripe and in season. Herbivores eat a watery food diet from the plants they consume. Even carnivores eat a watery food diet because their prey, which is an animal, is also 75% water. Our foods have been watery and 100% organic since the first land plants and animals, 365 million years ago. Not until the 1940’s did that change, when chemicals were introduced for spraying and adding to the soil for killing molds, weeds and insects. One hundred and fifty years ago most of the inhabitants of North America lived off the land, hunting, gathering and farming without chemicals. The Native Americans have lived this way for more than ten thousand years. Profits for some special interest groups are the only reason for using modern chemistry on our foods today. Our life is about money and not about the planet’s nutrition for healthy animals to live. Can we improve on what God and Mother Nature has done for 3.5 billions years, creating healthy plants and animals? Are we better off by turning our backs on Nature? Are we smarter, thinking all these chemical additives to our natural environments will make us healthier than our past ancestors?

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