The Inflammation That Heals


Do we want to be healthy and reverse a chronic unhealthy condition? First understand our body’s ability to heal itself through our innate physiology in a process called inflammation. Inflammation is the way our body maintains its integrity. When injured or harmed in any way, inflammation is the physical response to heal our tissues. It’s a bodily reaction to pathogens, the non-nutritive exotoxins and endotoxins in our environment. Toxins are antigens and against life, secreted by microorganisms. This includes the chemical irritants, like cosmetics and air pollutants, entering our tissues and bloodstream from outside the body. Endotoxins originate from inside the body, especially from the intra-luminal spaces of our gastrointestinal tract; this also includes any non-nutritive material we drink or eat. Both exotoxins and endotoxins trigger our immunity into action because they need to be removed from our body. Inflammation is a complex biological mechanism with protective activities. These immunological functions eliminate the causes of a cell’s injury, initiating the removal of dead and damaged cell tissue and supervising our tissue’s repairs. From cutting our skin an infective invasion by microbes may be the cause of a cellular injury; inflammation is our genetic and evolutionary conditioning, which mends the cut and internal tissues.


All medical doctors early in their undergraduate education learn the body is self-correcting or self-healing, maintaining its well-being by our inflammatory actions. Some physicians look for the causes of inflammation and instruct their patients in lifestyle changes, like stop smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. Others prescribe the latest anti-inflammatory agents to prevent inflammation because inflammation comes with collateral tissue damages. Realize anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs inhibit our healing responses and these synthetic chemicals also compound the body’s toxicity with more antigenic non-nutritive matter. Acute inflammation happens when we hit our thumb with a hammer, producing pain, redness, heat, swelling and loss of function. Chronic inflammation occurs only if we keep hitting our thumb with the same hammer because we think it feels good. Thinking something is good, when it is not, is a mental problem. Our egos want to breathe, drink and eat harmful stuff, which are vices. Our heart’s love with its virtues is the only requirement needed to conquer and discipline our egos to behave. Like with a misbehaving child, our hearts want to protect the youngster from any harm, so we help. Our egos will get angry.

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Please understand the purpose of our life. Our body is a motor vehicle for our soul while on Earth and our mind is our soul’s megaphone. For billions of years biological life has evolved, being self-healing. Our ancestors lived for millions of years with an automatic repair kit of physiological immunity and inflammation. In the past only natural plants and animals existed for us to deal with; our body recognizes some as nutritive and some not. Today our immune system with its inflammatory response is overloaded with artificial traumas at every level of life. Acute inflammation heals, only to become chronic inflammation if we are overwhelmed and continue with the vices of modern life.


The best way to reduce the inflammatory responses in the body is by reducing the inflammatory insults. If we eliminate the non-nutritive stresses to our mind/body life and increase the energy and nutrients our body needs, with time chronic conditions will self-heal. This is about self-control and modifications to our lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is about self-control and modifications to our lifestyle

In 1989 I attended a post-doctorate specialty-training program, which happened to have my first health professional course in nutrition. Being a raw food herbivore for twenty years by this time, I’ve encountered every criticism possible. No one can argue with the science and common sense of my eating choices. At the end of this nutrition class, all us residents had a blood test. A wonderful grey haired women nutritionist thought an analysis of our blood would be valuable information and instructional. Interesting what we discovered, much of it not good news for my fellow classmates. My blood was the only one normal, except for two variables, being out of range in complete white blood cells and in neutrophils. Neutrophils are the most abundant white blood cell and are 60-70% of the cardiovascular circulating leukocytes. These cells defend against bacterial or fungal infections and are the first responders to a microbial infection. The professor could not come up with an answer why these two parameters are low, so I shared what I thought. “These are all the neutrophils I need and indicates very little inflammation, happening in my body.” After a long pause, the nutritionist’s replied, “That’s a good answer.”

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