A Toxic Reality: The Root Cause of Chronic Inflammation



The evolutionary stories document a universal “natural intelligence” with billions of years existing, being on its own garden planet. Nature evolves and paradise is a constant, creating this DNA life on Earth. Within the planet’s true environments are the plants and animals of evolution, continuing in a physical harmony. A biochemical balance weighs in at every level, monitoring our global food chain. Every species lives and breeds to enjoy a production life, succeeding with procreation. Life is a biological dance between the inside and outsides of every being, from the bottom of the oceans to the top of the highest mountains. Microscopic to macroscopic life, Nature works with the most powerful forces in the universe, resonating their electromagnetisms of life. One of the creative forces, among the many, is called immunity. The immune system of any animal controls the integrity of their physical state. Without integrity, the wholeness of life ends; only the fear of death remains. In fact, the fear of death is exactly what happens every time an “inflammatory process” responds to a physical injury. From the inflammation to the completion of the tissue remodeling process, our immune system powers a force, which conquers the world. The white blood cells of our immune system are the “first responders,” arriving from the blood after the alarm, sounding the inflammation. Our microscopic fluid oceans are in a constant biochemical composition, maintaining the “physiological pH” range of the water for health. A slight alkalinity is “life” and the evolutionary, genetic and environmental conditioning is responsible for its healthy condition. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the foods we eat are substances necessary and are required for life. The evolutionary foods feed the planet’s lifestyle, maintaining Nature’s seasonal transformational life. Our body craves the satisfactions of sustenance and a healthy evolutionary body is the anthropological genetic norm. Until these modern times and its anti-inflammatory lifestyle, only natural foods evolved for supporting the body’s physiology of processes.

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The physiological health for our evolutionary body is a proven genetic microcosm, mirroring the theoretical macrocosm of our environmental universe. The cosmic energies resonate at constant frequencies in every direction. The infrared to ultraviolet forces program a matrix of natural elemental harmony. On Earth, balance is seen in the seasonal consumptions and eliminations of everyday life. The first principle, Mother Nature or Mother Earth, satisfies our supply and demand lifestyle for the energy and nutrients of life. These evolving environments are perpetual machines in motion, enjoying a subsistence process, where animals depend on plants. These interdependent encounters are about transformations; our sun’s light becomes the tissues of plant and animal bodies. We consume and eliminate organic substances, working out the energy and nutrients; then we eliminate a dead inorganic/organic waste. Nothing in Nature is a real waste; the decomposers recycle animate life to live again. The food chain is a “circle” of electromagnetic transformations. One cannot create nor destroy this energy. All physical matter is in constant flux. The planetary foods are designed for us to eat; the energy, nutrients and roughage these foods have, feed us what we need to be complete. Nature’s plant foods and animal organisms evolved together and are a perfect match; soulmates are going steady for an eternal length of time. These foods naturally support the cells of our body, creating a watery environment for cellular life to work and play, functioning in balance. The body becomes strong and healthy, living its planetary lifestyle of balance.


Cells work for a living, producing our conscious life; acidic wastes are the by-products, removed constantly from the body. Their acidic condition is harmful to the body’s alkalinity and targeted for phagocytic activity. Acute inflammation is an immunological alarm, triggered by an injurious discretion to our fluid or tissue life. This is the body’s healing process, initiating its genetic, evolutionary and environmental programs to maintain the tissue integrity. All tissues of the body want to be fed and cleansed constantly. This means our cells demand their energy and nutrients and want their environments clean and kept this way. It is easy to maintain biochemical balance if we resonate with Nature’s raw electromagnetic planetary foods. This lifestyle is an inflammatory supporting lifestyle, which creates health by empowering its immunity. This kind of health has an inflammation process with a start and a finish; the injured tissues get repaired. Today there is an artificial addition to our cellular waste products. Toxins are non-nutritive materials and are stored in the body. Their elimination and exit out of the body is hampered or it’s non-operational, forcing storage in numerous physiological areas. This is the root cause of chronic inflammation. The waste debris from earthly living is toxic to our body; it is acidic and acid burns. Nature’s alkaline lifestyle functions in an alkaline restrictive zone. If any environment of the body become a garbage dump, accumulating acidic debris, this toxic storage tissues transforms into an active inflammation site. Chronic inflammation occurs when the tissue of an inflammatory process does not heal. The acidic habits, the unhealthy breathing, drinking and eating addictions, continue to traumatize and alarm our immunity with acidic insults. At some point, immune exhaustion sets in; the physical comes with its limitations. Understand our ignorance of evolutionary and planetary nutrition. This current artificial lifestyle manufactures these chronic inflammatory degenerative diseases, a side effect to their factory and laboratory refined frankenfoods.

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These chronic inflammed maladies include arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, depression, fibromyalgia, gastroesophageal reflux disease, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones, lupus erythematosis, multiple chemical sensitivity, migraine headache, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, seasonal affective disorder and ulcerative colitis; just to name a few of the many chronic inflammatory disorders. All suffer with the acidosis from inflammatory foods and the acidity from non-nutritive chemicals. Every physical disorder comes with a lesson and a path to follow. Ignorance is not the best mental or physical choice, ignoring the signs and symptoms of acidosis. Acid foods and drinks convert to acidic stress to our alkaline bodies. Addictions of modernity cause microscopic waste dumps and every one is an inflammation site in action. To heal the body from these acidic diseases, only an alkaline environment neutralizes an acidic environment. The best natural treatments for cancer are the ones prescribing abundant amounts of plant-based energy and nutrients to nourish the weakened immune system, alkalizing the microscopic oceans and the cells still living. Our immune system is already genetically programmed with the most deadly of organic chemicals. We just need to be consciously aware of what our body runs on; planetary life needs its fueling nutrition. The world runs on raw energy and nutrients; we will not change this foundation of life, no matter how many fast food restaurants are franchised. Real foods are light and refreshing because they are mostly water; heavy foods may not have any energy or many nutrients present. Denatured foods are dehydrating, wanting for liquid refreshments. Heavy foods do not come from Nature; they are the foods that cause inflammation. Nature’s planetary foods and lifestyle creates health, which continues to evolve, slowly, with a healthy determination for all of life.

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