The Two Sides of Health: Simplified


Understanding our mind and body behaviors is life’s greatest challenge. The contemporary sciences explore the tip of a gigantic iceberg for doctors to theorize what’s below the surface. For all these historical years, life remains an under, an over and an inner world for our human state of affairs. Reasoned and written down, some comprehensions of life are complicated and others not, investigating the “origins” of our existence. With recurrent philosophical and biological themes, knitted “faith” and unraveling “fear” mythologies circle the globe for centuries. The oldest thoughts focus on defining “who we are” and our “spiritual” relationship with the universe’s unknown Creator. Being a participant in this wonderful plant and animal love affair, sojourning a vast cosmic galaxy, a simple way to “believe” in our terrestrial interdependence is by an examination of its “intelligence” and “sensibility.” This earthly happenstance spins its two sides, flipping in the air like a coin. Each side is different; each represents their equality with the same mental and physical currency, translating and transforming our on-going organic life. Try to separate the mind from its body; can’t, our “invisible” thoughts tangle with our “visible” senses. Every discerning moment is a “cause” and “effect” recreation, occurring simultaneously together on our dualistic planetary highway. To be mental or physical requires both parts working. Everything in our psychological and physiological cosmos displays two hemispheres of electromagnetic energy, fluctuating a balance. The two halves of the “autonomic” nervous system, the “parasympathetic” and “sympathetic” modes, control our bodily responses and reactions. This physiology is needed 24/7 to maintain the blood biochemistry and the tissue integrity of our body. The concepts and images of our thinking mind, with its two seesawing viewpoints, the “heart” and the “ego,” mirror the antagonistic functions of the “autonomic” nervous system. Our mental “heart” is a non-material reflection of our physical heart; they both keep us alive, every moment. The only problem for us is the self-disagreements; our ego-self fights with our soulful connected heart-self. The modern artificial ego learns to be against life, schooled to think this way by the fabricated propagandas of a testosterone-dominated history. Materialistic evil is opposite to our Earth’s “to live” processes; this manufactured evil is new to our world’s evolutionary continuance of life. Spell “live” in reverse letter order and get “evil.” Using the vernacular languages of today, we get “modernity” with all its refined addictions. If the body’s two primary divisions for living, consumption and elimination, fought with each other, it would be complete microscopic biophysical chaos. The ego decides to live backwards, breathing, drinking and eating stressful, unnatural and unhealthy substances. Our ego is brainwashed, thinking it’s invincible to strong poisons. Produced by a corporate anarchy, this pollution causes confusion and disorder for humanity, followed by the lack of faith. Ponder this question; does the cause and effect of “evil-living” produce disease?

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Our heart connects with natural life, with its mental wholesomeness and its “virtues” of faith. The “ego” self-hates with inhumane acts; these physical practices are the attachments to the corruptive “vices” affiliated with fear. The contemporary ego searches, learning new ways to improve its swordsmanship technology for self-destruction. Our heart is on a soul’s journey and continues to grow its self-knowledge, evolving in the continuous direction of our worldly “oneness” with its universal harmony. The greatest teachers agree; Nature is about love. Our Mother Earth, with its plants and animals, is hydrophilic (water-loving) and life is about the inner choices we make to love ourselves, and everything else that goes with it. The more our heart opens, the more our love and God’s goodness radiates out from within us. Being with our inner psychological heart, any personal love one feels is better than anybody’s outer spewing ego. Stressed out over controlling materials, addictive to selfish distractions and bedeviled with unconventional eating habits, we are unaware of and unconscious to the rules of this biodegradable highway, paved by Mother Nature. Traveling with these unhealthy habits, our ego craves and demands them, fixating on an unsatisfying hunger for possessions and stimulating emotions. Our physical health is different because it’s about Nature’s loving genetic and environmental habits, which are the natural laws, governing evolutionary life for billions of years. Any physical disease, not seen in a wild herd of wildebeests, has a good chance of manifesting from a synthetic stressor. Being a major contributing factor to the cause of a bodily imbalance, the ego is a servant to these pollutionary times and inheritor of a society’s mind/body obsessions. Who do we discipline when we give in to these non-nutritive and unhealthy habits? It is a matter of choice; our “inner” heart with its biological DNA knowledge, or an ego with its regurgitating recurrent OMG ignorance. Persuaded to frenzy feed on some poisonous mental or physical junk food, the ego weakens and infects us with its lazy contaminations of convenience. The mind and body suffers only after a long time of continuous ego contagion, chronic habituations in contractions prevent expansion and change. An illness is a physiological effect, manufactured by the ego’s addictions, causing our body harm. Nature’s defense is in her wholeness balancing programs, which are designed for us to self-heal. With a powerful immune function, the only requirement in a healing process is; we must listen to our heart and not to our two-faced ego.

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I think the ego is an artificial “spore” and the generative root of our evil on this planet. We learn lust for money and power, being contaminated from the past reproducing spores of materialism. Obsessed to control the natural resources, his-story (our patriarchal history) started around 13,000 years ago with the invention of farming crops. Abusing Mother Nature like any virus, this new lifestyle devised a “civilization effect” with its have’s and have not’s mentality. This style of surviving even changed our evolutionary hunting and gathering eating habits, from seasonal fresh plant and animal foods, to cooked civilized stored grasses and livestock. Nature’s programs are this biological world, billions of years in making life healthy. The alpha females and males resonate to their cosmological cycles. There are invisible and visible energies always at work, balancing every level of play in our consumption and elimination food chain. The ego’s language uses contemporary words to depict the current unhealthy vices. Eating some manufactured junk when you are healthy may be fun with the right person. Subjecting our unhealthy or diseased body to more acidic substances, on the other hand, is a form of self-hate, having the goal of acid-reflux suicide. These abusive actions cause harm and the ego is guilty of this maleficence. Our heart loves its mental world with our differentiated physical body. Life continues to evolve in its genetic, evolutionary and environmental way, sustaining the Earth’s energy and nutrients for its depended organisms. The ego cannot physically change the seasons or the tides of our lifetime. The ego is only our resident lunatic and mental dictator; when its wants something, everything else doesn’t matter. With a slot-machine way of acting, our ego is possessed with its addictions, functioning to satisfy its cravings as soon as humanly possible. Do not expect our ego to change or to ever care about anything. The heart is the only place we find any patience, commitment or courage to stop our ego’s negative ways and harmful insults to our mind and body life. The neuroscientist who discovers how to remove the ego from our civilized lifestyle will undoubtedly win the Nobel Peace Prize for “Peace.” The wars with what to eat, to the wars with what to believe, to every war in between, without an ego, wars are not possible.

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Turn an illness around by calling a natural “time out”


There are many metaphysical techniques, inspired down through the ages. They all work on quieting the ego; the attention enables us to experience our heart more. All disciplines involve ego distractions with some mental or physical performing task. Each discipline is a practice and practice makes perfect sense, being with our soul’s heart more. A meditative “inner” journey takes us towards a self-mastery over our ego. A bad day for our ego is a great day for our soul. Our soul is the earnest one in our life and when the transformational moment arrives, discover the inward path, through the body and our own inner psychological heart. This journey leads us to a realization. God’s love and our Mother Nature’s loving programs are what run the universe. All we need to do to find a healthy balance is to enjoy the ride Mother Nature offers; our lifetime has not taken us very far away from this single tracked path of evolution. Nature’s plant and animal wayfarers have been traveling these inner and outer miracle environments for 3.5 billion years. This natural course, to our present day, produces a plethora of life on Earth. All of us come with this genetic and environmental program for creating health. Growing up today, many people think it is acceptable to be plastic. Being plastic has cause and effect consequences for our mind and body, which are the degenerative inflammatory diseases of these modern times. Turn an illness around by calling a natural “time out.” Send the self-destructing ego with its unhealthy habits to a community jail for rehabilitation. With the ego in solitary confinement, we’ll hear our heart speak, spreading its wealth of loving experience for a healthy mind/body life.

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