A “Basket of Deplorables” for Patients

In her recent interview on Israel Channel 2, Democrat Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton said “I would say you can take Trump supporters and put them in two baskets–there are what I call the Deplorables, the racists, the haters…”

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In calling millions of Americans “deplorable,” Hillary set off a firestorm of controversy and protest on social media.

Physicians serve patients to focus on healing, not ripping people apart causing more pain. Thus, from a medical perspective, it is abhorrent when a Presidential candidate resorts to such divisive and demeaning tactics, smearing hard-working Americans who are simply expressing their Constitutional rights with differing opinions about our country’s major economic and social issues.

Physicians who took an Oath to serve patients to the best of our ability face a deplorable situation daily: the high cost of medical care, the high cost of prescription medications, the onerous burden of federal and state regulations that take time away from our focus on patients, the increasing delays in access to specialty care with more physicians going out of practice due to the burdens imposed by ObamaCare.


It is deplorable that patients’ lives are adversely affected when politicians—in this case 100 percent Democrats—pass new laws that interfere with medical decision-making and provision of services to patients, as they did in 2010 with the “Affordable Care Act.”.

It is deplorable that good physicians cannot stay in practice to serve patients due to ObamaCare-imposed regulations that make staying in business economically impossible.

It is deplorable that prescription drug shortages are dramatically worse since ObamaCare passed.

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It is deplorable that prescription medication prices have soared under the new insurance rules of ACA.

It is deplorable that the Medicare budget was cut by more than $700 billion to shift resources from care of the elderly to Medicaid services for younger people, refugees, and illegal border crossers.

So what has Candidate Clinton proposed to solve THESE deplorable conditions?

In one word: NOTHING

In fact, Hillary has been on record for MORE government control and NO private medical care for the United States since the 1993 secret task force she headed at the request of husband and POTUS, Bill Clinton. The “HillaryCare” task force was intended to operate in total secrecy—but eventually hundreds of boxes of documents were released to the National Archives because of a lawsuit by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

“HillaryCare” is truly deplorable. It would be far worse than ObamaCare. Hillary planned to eliminate allprivate medical care in the United States, creating a single-payer, “public option” socialized medicine system controlled totally by the federal government. This is like the system currently in place in Canada.

HillaryCare is NOT the same as the two-tier British system, which allows private consultations, diagnostic testing and treatment on a fee-for-service basis to those who cannot get what they need on the National Health Service.

Hillary’s deplorable 1993 proposals allowed no “back door” to pay privately for faster or better medical care. Clinton’s 1993 plan imposed fines of $50,000 on physicians for the first offense of “private practice” and the second offense sent physicians to jail with loss of their medical license.

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Under Hillary’s proposed “healthcare reform,” you might keep your doctor but he or she would be employed by and working for the Federal Government. NOT you.

In this election, Americans have far more patient-centered free-market options under Donald Trump’s proposed reforms. Candidate Trump proposes the following key changes:

  • Repeal #ObamaCare
  • Increase patient-owned Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Allow purchase of lower cost catastrophic medical insurance
  • Enable health insurance purchase across state lines to lower costs
  • Allow patients to buy lower cost medications overseas
  • Block-grant Medicaid funds to states to decide how to best use the dollars

“Basket of Deplorables” is not a fitting term to describe human beings who support Trump. “Basket of Deplorables” IS a fitting description of Hillary Clinton’s plan to destroy America’s medical care.

Hillary’s plan is worse than deplorable. It would be deadly to millions of patients who could not get the care they need when they need it under totalitarian federal control of America’s entire medical system.

Hillary’s desire for power and control over our very lives is what is truly “deplorable” for Americans.  America was founded on the very cornerstone idea that Life and individual Liberty are God’s gifts, not the government’s.

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