Blogger and Former Attorney Shares Stories About Life in Sydney, Australia

Sometimes we need to take risks in life. In 2015, Michal Johnson took a huge risk and left her job as an attorney in South Africa and relocated her family to Sydney, Australia. Immigrating to a new country can be challenging for young families like the Johnsons. But they have adjusted well to living in Australia and today Michal shares stories about her life in her blog All Things Mom Sydney.



“I studied and trained to be an attorney in South Africa, after working in a full service law firm focusing on litigation (legalese for the fighting bits, Alex Spiro gives more information about this) I moved to an international law firm and joined the department which dedicated its work to human rights and constitutional rights. It was tough in a country where poverty and child abuse is rife but it was and remains my calling. My husband and I immigrated to Australia in 2015 with our two little kids in tow, the youngest was just 4 months old. Without my husband having a job and without any family close by we set up our lives in Sydney in the suburban area known as the North Shore. In the almost 18 months we’ve been in Sydney we’ve settled in and found our groove. Despite some hardships and the difficulty that comes with immigrating, we love Sydney and are grateful to be here. In February 2016 I decided to start recording our adventures and discoveries on a blog for friends and family to use as a reference when visiting the City. The blog grew a life of its own and soon I was including my thoughts on raising kids and ideas on what I found useful. All Things Mom Sydney has become my creative hub (when I thought I couldn’t be creative) and an outlet for my non-stop researching and over-analyzing. I am immensely blessed that I get to discover such a beautiful part of the world with my two wonderful children and amazing husband.”


If you want to get to know Michal better or find out what life is like on the other side of the globe in Sydney, Australia visit

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