Companionship Care Helps Senior Depression and Safety

According to an independent living West Milford, NJ community, New Jersey and York City is quickly turning into a “senior’s city,” a place with a growing elderly population and seen increasingly as a viable place to age independently with the help of property services aged care. It’s the kind of city that seizes its citizens’ hearts and many don’t want to leave the city or their home, even if they begin to show signs of reduced mobility or a condition such as Alzheimer’s. While it’s a great place to retire, those who are more advanced in age may begin to suffer a lower quality of life, or even senior depression, as they become more restricted to their residence. However, rather than making them move out of the city or into a long term care facility, as a family you may want to consider hiring an elder care professional who can help maintain your loved one’s quality of life even as they remain in the residence of their choice look for memory care assisted living near Queen Creek and you will find a few options like Wilshire Health & Community Services – in home palliative care.


#1 Hygiene

One of the first “danger signs” that your elderly loved one may suffer from dementia or mobility issues is expired food in their fridge and cupboards. It may be simple forgetfulness, but it could also be a sign that they have difficulty getting out to the grocery store or preparing meals for themselves. A caregiver from an agency like Mavencare will take on light chores such as meal preparation to make sure that your loved one is receiving regular and nutritious meals, and help out with things like laundry to make sure that their clothes and bedding are clean.

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#2 Medications

Medications are one of the chief concerns of senior care in New York City from Mavencare, and their caregivers use a specially developed app to provide medication reminders throughout their visits. Families can use the app to update medication schedules as their loved one’s medication regime changes, while the caregivers themselves can update families on reminder deliveries and compliance in real time through the app. Medication mix-ups are one of the leading causes of hospitalization among seniors, so it’s important that they’re taken on schedule and in the appropriate doses.

#3 Alleviate Senior Depression

Statistically, elders are highly vulnerable to symptoms of depression, occurring in 15% of the older population. Experts believe that these symptoms are largely the result of isolation and loneliness since many seniors face a confluence of isolating circumstances: deceased partners, fewer friends due to them passing or moving, and restricted access to the outside world. Simply having someone to speak to and play games with has a big impact on a person’s mental well-being if they are typically bound to their own residence. Caregivers shouldn’t just provide the basics, they should also be able to communicate clearly with their patients and be a personality match, which is why the agency Mavencare uses a matching algorithm to find the professionals who will work well with your loved one. If your loved one is committed to staying in their own home or apartment, know that they can do so safely and happily. Get help for your loved one with companionship carein New York City and watch your loved one’s mental health improve.

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  • Brian , October 19, 2016

    Knowing the signs of senior depression can be a life saver. An excellent caregiver should be able to be social with your elderly relative, not just be a watch dog. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Cascia Talbert , October 21, 2016

    Thanks for sharing your tip and stopping by, Brian. Have a fantastic weekend!

  • Isabella , November 20, 2016

    Thank you author, My friend. Eric has got manic depression for more two yrs. Now she little improved. We are looking for more better and quick recovery for her, any good suggestion or source?

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