Empowering Moms with Great Tips

I am very excited to be here with you and share my tips and pearl wisdom! I am a busy mother myself and I know we have very limited time for ourselves. You might be a stay at home or working mother and having balance in your busy life can take a toll on your mind and body. I know from experience.


When creating Sassy Mom Fitness, my original mission was to focus on “weight loss” however, I changed my mission. Our mission is to provide products and services that are convenient for moms to have online access to. I have established an online fitness studio for busy mothers who want to stop dieting and start leading a balanced lifestyle. My company is not diet program; I don’t believe in counting calories or fad diets. These leave you with false promises, loss of control in your life, feeling stuck in your body and not feeling like yourself. Let’s face it a lifestyle change is hard and challenging for anyone, so why do it alone! I would love to support you along your journey!

Empowering Moms

However, I think it starts with our energy and how we overcome stressful situations. The accumulation of not enough time, busy schedule, depression, being a mother and wife can be hard to handle. Maybe this might relate to you? It could be that your schedule is crazy at times, your stress is through the roof and you don’t have time to do everything that needs to get done in one day. You fight to keep your eyes open during the day and you don’t have time for you! When you are running on low gear, is when bad habits start and they will be hard to change into good habits. It’s not just changing your eating and adding exercise. It is changing how you see the world, through your eyes, your thoughts and how confident you are. It’s important to know that we have the choice to be happy and that is something we can control in our life.

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Here are some tips that will give you, joy, laughter and happiness into you soul.

Tip One: I challenge you to say 3 positive things about yourself and body; in the mirror, daily.

Tip Two: I WANT you start your morning with an “I AM STATEMENT” (example ” I am beautiful ” etc.)

Tip Three: You will give yourself some me time for 15 minutes each day. (Read a book, listen to an audio book, book a massage appointment, take a walk etc.)

Here’s Some Shopping Tips for Busy Moms:

-making a shopping list before you head to the store is always a good idea and an absolute necessity. When you’re first starting to make significant changes in your eating habits.

-A well thought out shopping list is not only a valuable time saver and stress reducer, but this will help keep your food choices on the right track.

-You will want to create a general list of items that you’ll want to keep on hand but won’t need to buy every week, such as baking supplies and condiments.

-Check your list and make a note of anything you need on a weekly basis. You want to make a list of things you buy each week, such as eggs, produce, and bread, etc.

-Most importantly, you’ll want to include items that you don’t buy regularly but may need for special meals you are planning for that week.

-As for the actual shopping, the more routine you establish the bettter! GOOD LUCK!

Here is a great way to help your  body feel good inside your body and cleanses are so important! Cleansing is an age-old concept for restoring your body back to health, by increasing your energy, strength, and balance to the body-mind system. We have lost sight of what a cleanse can do for you. All we care about is, will it help me lose weight? However, the most important factor associated with cleansing your system is regarding making the transition to a healthier eating lifestyle is that it is a very practical, and often a necessary tool for breaking the cycle of craving and addictions to unwanted foods.

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Cleansing benefits every cell, tissue, organ, and system of the body by releasing stored waste and toxins, giving your body functions a rest, and improving digestion, asssimilation, and elimination.


Because of cleansing, your body chemistry will love you for it, you will lose the desire for reduced quality addictive foods and balance, will be restored and the cycle of your addiction will be gone!

I love the fish bowl metaphor: that you are only as healthy as the fluids in which your body cells swim. In other words, if you are sick you don’t treat the fish you change the water.” Dr. Robert Youngers


Sassy Sexy Sandwich Recipe:

Avocado, Tomato, Sprouts Sandwich:

Organic Rubi’s Bread (you can use gluten-free bread) cut one slice into two halves

One ripe avocado

One cup of sundried  tomatos or One ripped fresh tomatoe

Fresh sprouts

(you can add chicken if you love to eat meat)


Arrange 1/2 slices of avocado on half of the bread. Place 1/2 slices of tomato or 1 cup of sundried tomatoes. If you like some chuck, add cucumber. Place the other half of the bread on top and enjoy a fall sandwich.





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