The Creators Designs – Hand Knitted Wollen Baby Clothes from India

thecreatorsdesignsWinter is just around the corner and most moms want to make sure their little ones stay warm during these long cold months. It is time to start pulling out the warm winter clothes for your children.

Most department store clothing sold in the United States is mass produced in factories. These items also tend to be low quality and may wear out by the end of the season. Clothing for children today is not as high quality as the hand made items past generations wore. Recently I came across this Etsy store that makes beautiful hand made wollen clothes for babies.

The Creators Designs, from India, just opened an Etsy store where they sell their adorable hand knitted baby clothes. They have dresses for little girls, and hoodies and vests for both boys and girls. Each item is hand crafted with love directly from India.

The Creators Designs Knit Hoodie

If you love to shop on Etsy make sure you check them out. Visit for more information.

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