Do You Know The Language Of Life? Are You Fluent In DNA?



Every life form, existing today, inherited “evolutionary genes.” These “genes” are the basic biophysical and biochemical units of our natural heredity; the coded instructions work for every genome in Nature. These repeated sequences of “nucleotides” along the segments of “chromosomes” control the “inheritable traits” in the anatomy and physiology of energy and nutrient-dependent organisms. DNA life conceived billion of years ago in our primordial oceans; the first plant and animal gestations began life in Earth’s amniotic organic fluids. A fish called “Tiktaalik” walked out of the water on all fours and on to the land 375 million years ago, becoming the first amphibian. All the four-legged creatures are believed to be descendants from this first land inhabitant. The biology of genetics tells us, our own “evolutionary genes” are descended from a past life form and to understand who we are, we need to speak the native language. DNA is the subject, predicate, and object of this planetary language, participating in infinite multiple numbers of chromosomal pairs, destined to replicate by cloning itself. The subunits of our “genes” are the letter combinations, composing words in a biological communication system for terrestrial creatures and their functions. The “gene” alphabet forms an incredible number of intelligent and sensible commands, using protein “messenger” molecules to communicate. These enzymatic controls drive the anatomical and physiological interactions, guiding Nature’s global wildlife. The genetic plant and animal evolution is a unique and privileged population; we are an ancestry “family tree” of life. Our “mother tongue” is understood by every being. Used for mental and physical transactions, planetary life adapts to the seasonal environments. A big problem exists, modern humanity invented its own language and many think this communication system is “fine art.” Others view the current vernacular and “semantic shift” as artificial and synthetic, causing a multitude of negative consequences to our natural mind and body lifestyle. These maladies are the chronic inflammatory degenerative diseases, marketing billions of dollars to the “disease-care” industries. The drug companies advertise everywhere and they want us to use their costly pharmaceutical “cures.” Their synthetic chemistry is an entirely different language, a synthetic concoction as compared to the organic chemistry used in natural life. All members of Nature’s community are fluent in their planetary “food chain” language. This style of life is the oldest and only planetary way to deal with our mental conflicts and physical frictions. The DNA foods, which all of biological life loves, are responsible for this earthly lifestyle.

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The “evolutionary lifestyle” is our planetary lifestyle; every creature lives and functions this DNA way of life. The evolutionary language continues the planetary direction, stimulating DNA diversity. This perennial “to live” plan and purpose in life is good, establishing a food chain for Earth’s healthy plants and animals. The biological and psychological evidence of evolving wildlife is generally good; healthy conditions exist throughout the fossil records. The genetic, evolutionary and environmental concepts are clear; Nature’s global “health plan” is an evolutionary lifestyle. The beauty seen in the wild environments, they are the end results of the repetitions of the DNA macromolecule. The duplication process occurs an infinite number of times to this present moment and bred, successfully, the wildlife on Earth. Health is free on our planet and is an “effect” of living an environmental lifestyle. To eat DNA foods and to use DNA medicines mean, the evolutionary process is at work in our bodies. This life is a biological self-existing, self-feeding and self-reproducing organizational global system. The world’s environments supply the DNA foods for the DNA plants and animals of Nature. An artificial dialect, with material wealth worshiping customs, causes chaos and turmoil; this modern civilizing lifestyle confuses the natural balance. This popular language is only a few hundred years in existence, literally. Compare this unnatural way to the billions of years, speaking in Nature’s language of life. The manufactured language, with its side effects, is not good for humanity’s evolution. The genes, the ones humanity uses now, are the evolutionary genes of our time. Our cells still speak the language of DNA and to be healthy, one must be fluent by consuming daily, the DNA seasonal building blocks for mind and body health. These structural components are the air we breathe, the water we drink and the foods we eat. The processed food-liked substances, contemporary people eat today, come with a toxic residue. The human body and the mind are stressed with a toxic build-up of waste material, while consuming and eliminating these modern foodstuffs.


The planet, in totality, is one relative organism, being individualized completely by descendants of previous organisms. The plants and animals of Earth are related, consisting and being composed of, the DNA macromolecules of our past ancestors. The evolutionary “Tree of Life” grows and our family album keeps getting thicker. Life is a process, blossoming wildlife, becoming living watery foods. Now picture a beautiful juicy Valencia orange, the color, and sweetness. Compare our planet’s long span of existence with lemons, limes, and oranges, to a plastic safety-capped bottle of Vitamin C pills. Modern science believes these pills as equals to our natural watery foods. We picked and eat from plants; no evolutionary animal wants to eat “acidic” pills. Nature’s foods come with many nutrients and a lot of energy too, not just a single chemical molecule. The Earth’s evolution is new to all this man-made stuff; these food-like products are full of hot air and are forced on us by corporate empires. These current times abuse the natural laws of life and this is not healthy for any life form. Nature commands, using the planet’s “mother tongue,” speaking the seasonal lifestyle of its biosphere of organisms. Resembling one another, we all grow out of the same evolving tree. When the energy and nutrient dense languages of Nature speak, our life functions with power, being the living programs in the planet’s health and happiness business. Nature produces such an array of seasonal watery foods and life never gets bored with what plants and animals are meant to eat. The road back is a healing journey for every mind and body, weakened by the stresses of this artificial and synthetic materialism. The good news is, the healthy lifestyle of Nature, heals these degenerative inflammatory diseases. Our genes speak the language of healing, commanding enzymatic molecules to communicate with every bodily cell. 7-dnaOur brain and nervous system, together with the immune system, coordinate efforts and focus the body’s forces to our healing crisis. This is how self-healing in done in a “single payer” health plan governed by God and Nature, where everyone is treated equally. A new language is artificially introduced to compete with Nature’s “mother tongue” and confusion happens. Our cells are at a complete loss and confused from this biomass of synthetic insanity. We need to be reminded how similar we are to the other primates and to the plant and animal creatures of the “Tree of Life.” Their DNA language comes from the heart and their DNA practices are the living lifestyles of the Earth’s organisms.

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“The kingdom of God is within you, seek ye first the kingdom of God”


We are the psychological and biological kindred spirits of “God” the father and “Nature” our mother. Our cosmic parents create their mental images for our physical relationships and the laws of function apply to every DNA living being. The nutrition and immunity of Mother Nature’s plants and animals is the real truth and the only natural language of life. Life wants these watery foods of Nature for energy and nutrients. Evolution is a “path” for evolving plants and animals. Evolution is also a “soulful” journey for our evolving “mind,” which participates in our evolving “body.” This physical evolutionary adventure is mind-boggling. This mind-boggle is partly about our mind’s purpose for self-knowledge and Self-realization. We witness the body’s purpose; our past sheds light on the physical results, examining the present. The past looks good and the future looks good too, knowing a mental evolution is also taking place with our physical evolution. Nature gives us a DNA plan for the body, which is easy to comprehend and God’s DNA plan for our mind is the soul’s purpose. The Christian conception of “Christ Consciousness” is an appropriate mental concept, paralleling the physical concept of animated evolution. The goal of our evolving mind is a DNA command too. In the New Testament (KJV), Luke 17:20-21 is crystal clear, “The kingdom of God is within you” and in Matthew 6:33, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.” We modern humans lost our natural senses and feelings for the health and happiness of God’s kingdom, which is inside and outside of us. The “Garden of Eden” is here and its pacific herbivore lifestyle too. 9-dnaThe ultimate choice in life is our final destination; finish the body’s evolution and work on the mind’s evolution. The “heaven,” symbolically promised to us means, go back to the beginning, pause, then turn around and go forward to where God, Nature and the planet’s lifestyle freely live. Imagine living life in harmony, healthy and free of disease. This is what’s in store for our world in the future because it’s our DNA past. We all share an equal part to see this manifested for ourselves and for our world. To be reborn, forever, into our planetary lifestyle, is our human destiny. It is meant for every intelligent, sensible and self-enlightening humane being alive today.

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