How Sports Inspire Children

Olympic fever is on the rise, and the Games are capturing everyone’s attention. It’s never been a better time to watch the Games as a family, as the Olympic spirit can be a great motivator for children of any age. Beyond sheer entertainment, there’s a great deal to be learned by watching the Games— exposure to different sports and their rules, the chance to learn about other cultures, and the ability to experience the more subtle points of competition like effort, loss, and victory.

While most people tune in to witness the multitude of spectacles tied to these competitions, it is often through the side stories about the athletes — the human interest stories — that we get an expanded picture of the lives of the athletes. We see families whose entire operation centered around the athletes’ development, parents and siblings who made incredible sacrifices to support the athletes. There are great lessons for kids in the athletes’ background stories.

Children also learn the value of effort and perseverance.The rigor of athletic competition translates well to any sport and through the Olympic Games, children learn that it is through repeated, consistent, tremendous effort and practice that achievement is earned. The Olympics can convey these important life lessons louder and clearer than any lecture by a parent or teacher.

If you’re not sure which sport or activity is right for your child, consider visiting a sports-related museum such as The ROX: The Olympic Experience at the Richmond Olympic Oval. Your child will learn about many different activities and games and can also try their hand at a few thanks to The ROX’s many interactivesport simulators. This way, you and your child can test out a few activities and see which one is the right fit for them. Stop by The ROX for more information on the kinds of sports available to you.

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One of the key factors to remember when it comes to choosing an extracurricular activity for your children is to ensure that your child is happy and engaged. Your child should enjoy the activity or game they play otherwise they won’t want to participate. Allowing for a child to actively engage in the sport of his or her choosing is an ideal situation and one that makes both kids and parents happy. Your child will be happy because they are participating in an activity that inspires and engages them, and you will be happy that your child is bettering their life and leading a healthier lifestyle. Sporting teams foster characteristics such as:

  • sportsmanship,
  • communication skills,
  • reliability and dependability, as well as
  • community-building skills.

For young people, this is a chance to broaden their social skills and become friends with kids they might not normally have interacted with. For instance, a child that lives in a neighbourhood that isn’t very diverse might be able to interact with children from other socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities through their team sports, gaining valuable world experience about inclusivity and other cultures.

Sports are an incredible tool to improve the overall lifestyle and health both mental and physical of kids. The practice, persistence, and motivation that the Olympic Games inspire keep youth interested, engaged and active. Why not foster these positive impulses with a visit to your local Olympic attraction in Richmond, B.C.?

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