Vagi-Kool® Reusable Feminine Cold Pack

Vagi-Kool® Reusable Feminine Cold Pack Soothes a Woman’s Most Sensitive Area

vagi-kool-reusable-feminine-cold-packWomen go through a lot in order to get pregnant and prepare for birth. Our most sensitive area, our vagina can get painful during menstruation, when we get a yeast infection, during pregnancy and especially after giving birth. There are lots of creams on the market that claim to soothe yeast infection discomfort quickly and we can get a feminine cold pack at the hospital after giving birth. But usually we can’t take them home.

I remember leaving the hospital after giving birth to my second child and I was in a lot of pain. I had a natural birth and my most sensitive area was swollen and sore for a couple of weeks. I wish I was able to go the pharmacy and purchase a feminine cold pack. The hospital did not give me any to take home.

Recently, I learned about this product that you can purchase for home use to soothe your swollen vagina after birth. The non-toxic, latex-free VagiKool® reusable feminine cold pack is designed to be personal, private, and elegant with a near invisible fit. VagiKool® provides itch relief, naturally reduces swelling and is save to use during pregnancy and while nursing. I wish I had this product when my babies were born.

The soft pink VagiKool® gel pack is specifically designed and contoured for the most sensitive and delicate area of a woman‘s body. It is soft and just the right shape to fit comfortably in your undies.

VagiKool® provides:

  • Instant itch relief
  • Naturally reduces swelling
  • Helps to reduce burning sensations
  • Promotes well-being and natural healing
  • Can be used with over-the-counter or prescribed medicine

VagiKool® also provides cool soothing temporary relief of vaginal discomfort caused by:

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Yeast Infections
  • Herpes
  • Surgery
  • Sports Injuries
  • Menopause
  • Waxing and Shaving

Recently I spoke with Steven Peisner, CEO of VagiKool® about the company and how it got started. He told me that his wife got a terrible yeast infection that lasted 30days. She refused to use frozen peas to heal the itch so Steven went out looking for a feminine cold pack for her, but he couldn’t find one. That’s when he knew he had to do something. He did some research and developed a cold pack made from a super-soft super-strong medical grade polyvinyl that actually molds itself to your body so that you can enjoy cool soothing relief where and when you need it most and with its near invisible close-to-body fit only you will know you have it on.

Each box of VagiKool® reusable feminine cold pack comes with 10 Komfort-Fit™ sleeves so the gel pack will not directly touch your skin. I love this product and there isn’t anything on the market today that resembles VagiKool®. It is also endorsed by obstetricians and gynecologists all over the country. VagiKool® is proudly made in the USA in a FDA accredited facility. You can be confident that VagiKool® feminine cold packs are of the highest quality.

For more information and to purchase a Vagi-Kool® Reusable Feminine Cold Pack visit ~ VagiKool® is also available at Amazon in the US, UK, and Canada.


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