The Ultimate Tribal Rug – The Beni Ourain Moroccan Gem

The Beni Ourain Moroccan Tribal Rug Is Special

There is a special place within the nation of Morocco where the tradition of rug making goes back centuries. This is a region with a climate able to provide everything necessary for the creation of special rugs recognized around the world. These rugs are very versatile. They can be made thick and serve an important purpose for those living in the Atlas Mountains. The Beni Ourain rugs are known for being able to last a lifetime and more.


Berber and Moroccan nomadic tribes have used these carpets for many different things. They could be anything from sleeping mats to bed coverings and more. Some were used for horse blankets and placed beneath saddles. The designs on these rugs are traditional and have been passed down from one weaver to another for generations.



The Beni Ourain are a group of Berber people who reside in Morocco’s Atlas Mountain region. They consist of over 16 different tribes. The Berber people are sheep herders and shepherds. They know how to produce superior wool from their sheep. All of the different tribes make rugs that have slightly different colors as well as designs. When dye is used with the rugs, it is made from only natural elements. These rugs are known for their ivory and natural white tones. When color is used with this type of wool, it is done with a natural dying process. The colors of these rugs are able to fit in with most color combinations where rugs are used.

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All of the rugs are created in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and hand woven by women. The skills and knowledge required to create such impressive rugs are passed down from a mother to her daughter. The designs can be made to show the life of the weaver. The rug designs may show the major events in a person’s life such as well as their religious belief. There are also some rug weavers who include symbols of luck in their designs to keep away evil spirits.


Most of these Moroccan rugs are made without a boarder. The patterns used with them often have distinct black or brown lines. They may also have a series of abstract shapes that stand out against the rug’s white or ivory background. Some patterns have the Ancient Berber alphabet and others will have geometric designs and more.


These Moroccan rugs were very popular with many well-known mid-century designers. Individuals such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Ray Eames, Alvar Allto and others used and recommended these types of rugs. People who enjoyed shag carpeting found these types of rugs to be an improvement. They come with a high level of sophistication as well as having culture and history with them.


Today, a Beni Ourain rug may be known as a Moroccan rug. They were not always made to be used as rugs. These items were traditionally used to be placed on beds and used as blankets. They weren’t intended to be used as a type of floor covering. They are designed to be able to conform to a person’s body. People love their pile which can be deep or shallow. The knots used for making these rugs are unique. Each rug is special from the weaver who creates them without following a diagram or designated pattern.

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These rugs are recognized as some of the most desirable rugs in the world. Experts, as well as people from many different walks of life, appreciate having these rugs. They are enjoyed because of their long lasting artistic value. People also like the practical uses they can add to any living space.

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