Wise Up and Be the Solution : Teach Your Kids How To be Successful in School

As parents, we want what’s best for our kids, however, it is hard to model our parenting to the individual needs of each child. Every kid is extraordinary and needs unique measures of consideration and help. As your children‘s first educator, you are the most powerful element on his or her development—scholastically, inwardly, and mentally. In Wise Up and Be the Solution, Dr. James Casale demonstrates generally accepted methods to be more proactive and have more control over your children’s education.


With 50 years of education background, Casale gives you the tools to improve your parenting skills. This book is clear,  and simple to read. Parents will figure out how to pick up their kids’ education and how to restrict the things that can divert them. Casale likewise talks about parent-teacher conferences from an educator’s point of view, permitting parents to better understand educators and be more involved during these meetings.

This book is a great tool for parents who are anxious to see their kids succeed in school and life. It gives all the essential ideas on how to make a culture of adapting appropriate in your home.

Casale, who has composed his first book following a half-century working in education, upbeat attitude to this guide for parents looking to help their children succeed in school. The book leads readers through both the mindset necessary to foster a learning environment (Casale encourages parents to develop a family-based mission statement that makes education a priority and to periodically assess their own performance as well as their children’s) and the more practical aspects of forming one, from ensuring that homework is completed to the components of a successful parent-teacher conference.  Casale draws on many examples from his own years in the classroom and the principal’s office, which brings a from-the-trenches credibility to his observations and recommendations. Citations from Daniel Goleman, Alfie Kohn and other experts add support, too. One of the book’s key themes is that children cannot be compelled to learn, a point Casale often makes with wry humor: “Aside from torture, coercion, bribes, canceling cable and all electronics, or forcing your child to listen to Yanni, your chances of forcing your child to read a book are slim to none.” His frequent criticism of electronics—“a thief that steals precious time from our children”; “Limit TV, video games, and any other electronics that are mindless and a waste of precious time”; “Cell phones for children under sixteen should be used for emergencies or talking to family members only”—may be a point of contention for readers not so opposed to technology. On the whole, however, Casale gives parents a reassuring, big-picture look at how they, even more than teachers, shape their children’s attitudes to learning. By reminding readers that “even caring and loving parents must learn” how to create a home environment that supports learning, the book establishes itself as a legitimate, useful parenting tool.

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A successful manual for parents who need to build up a master learning outlook and create solid techniques for helping their children prevail in school.

Dr. James L CasaleDr. James Casale is a Healthy Moms Magazine contributor,  an award-winning teacher (Florida Teacher of the Year) and an award-winning principal (National School of Excellence-Purchase School in Harrison, New York). He has taught at every level of public education including undergraduate and graduate students. He is a former Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Curriculum and Instruction.

He writes extensively on Education topics. His blog has more than 60 articles. He contributes editorial pieces to the Palm Beach Post and in 2011, wrote a weekly column for The Naples Daily News. He is currently writing a book for parents that will inspire them to create a learning culture in their homes. He published an article on Kindle on August 30,2012 and will add more in the future.
He is currently an adjunct professor at Palm Beach State College where he teaches Education Courses. He resides with his wife Janet in Palm Beach Gardens,Florida. He has two children and four grandchildren.

One lucky Healthy Moms Magazine reader can win a copy of Dr. James Casale’s book, “Wise Up and Be the Solution”.   All you need to do is  leave us a comment at the end of this article with your e-mail address.  This contest is open to US residents only 18+ and ends on December 9, 2016  at 9 pm CST.  No purchase necessary.  A winner will be chosen from Random.org out of the number of comments received and will be notified via e-mail or social media instant message at the end of the contest.

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