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Ultra Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules 2250mg. The Best Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement Available!


I have taken Fish Oil supplements in the past. Fish oil helps lower cholesterol, improve your physical performance and help ease chronic pain. Most omega 3 fish oil supplements have a strong fishy taste, are a low dose and come in a chemically altered Estyl Ester form. Because of this I never truly experienced the health benefits of fish oil.

Now there is a new omega 3 fish oil supplement on the market that is proven to give you results. Ultra Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules by Intelligent Labs, are refined for complete purity and contain 2250mg of Omega 3. These fish oil supplements are the most powerful and effective omega 3 fish oil ever made. Each bottle contains 120 softgels which is a 40 day supply. They also have a lemon flavor without a strong fishy aftertaste.


Intelligent Labs Triglyceride Omega 3, 3000mg Fish Oil Capsules work and hundreds of Amazon reviewers have explained how they have helped them.

” Finally an Omega 3 product that actually works! I don’t know how they did it, but the sellers of this product found a way to ease my knee and back pain better than the NSAID I’ve taken for years.”

“My doctor prescribed Lovaza last year and it lowered my cholesterol to within acceptable range, but my insurance company won’t cover the cost any more, so I had to hunt around for a good non-prescription fish oil that would work as well. I chose Ultra Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules because of the high amount of Omega 3, EPA, and DHA it has per serving and the good reviews I read here.

I’m very glad I did because I’ve been taking it for a while now and had blood work drawn a few days ago, and the doctor’s office called to tell me that my CHO dropped 20 points.”

“I’m an amateur triathlete, and train pretty hard, so I heard that Omega 3 was great for helping you recover and reducing inflammation, so I did some research and worked out I wanted a proper natural triglyceride fish oil, not the artificial estlyl ester kind and a proper dosage (at least 2000mg of Omega 3).

I bought a couple of bottles of the Intelligent Labs Omega 3, and wow, I noticed a difference straight away. I did 5 hours on the bike with a lot of steep and long climbs and the next day I felt absolutely fine.” Source:

The Many Health Benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil

1. It helps the brain.

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The biggest benefits of Omega 3 and in particular DHA are in the Brain. DHA is unlike any other molecule in nature, because when it is incorporated into brain neurones is gives them incredible fluidity and electrical conductivity so they can form new connections.

2. Omega 3 is good for the heart and can lower cholesterol.

EPA and DHA have been shown to decrease Triglycerides and increase HDL cholesterol (the good one!), help to lower blood pressure and reduce plaque growth in the arteries.

3. It is good for the eyes.

Over 50% of the retina is made of DHA. As in Brain Neurons, DHA is the only molecule in nature that has the necessary fluidity to allow the retina to adjust to incoming light rays. This makes DHA absolutely vital for maintaining our eyesight. Our Omega 3 is also perfectly formulated for treating Dry Eyes, Macular Degeneration and other common eye conditions.

4. Omega 3 reduces inflammation.

Most chronic health problems are caused by inflammation in the body, and Omega 3’s are the best anti-inflammatory around. Our diets today are on average very high in Pro inflammatory Omega 6 oils and very low in anti inflammatory Omega 3 oils, which is one of the main reasons why inflammatory diseases and chronic lifestyle problems such as Obesity, Diabetes, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, IBS and Heart Disease to name just a few are so prevalent today.

5. They aid in exercise recovery.

Omega 3 reduces inflammation so this speeds recovery. Also Omega 3 gets incorporated into the membranes of Red Blood Cells which carry oxygen around the body. This makes the red blood cells more flexible so that they are more able to squeeze into the tight capillaries and deliver their Oxygen to the working muscles, so your body is getting more oxygen when it needs it most.

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6. Omega 3 improves sports performance.

Because Omega 3 is so vital for our Central Nervous System it also significantly increases nerve connections to our working muscles, making it easier for us to learn new skills and improve and make old ones more efficient, as well as (with the right training program) being able to potentially increase maximum strength and power output. Source:

Intelligent Labs Ultra Pure Omega 3 supplements are the standard size for fish oil supplements and are easy to swallow. I love the lemon scent and flavor and am confident that they will help with my anxiety and ease my joint and muscle aches after going for a long run. Intelligent Labs Ultra Pure Omega 3 supplements can be purchased online at or

This review has been sponsored by Intelligent Labs. All opinions are accurate and belong to the author.

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