A Christmas Story of Divine Appointments

Have you ever heard of divine appointments? A divine appointment is when something unexpected happens and you think it is a coincidence, but the reality is, it was orchestrated by God.  About two weeks ago, I was introduced to someone who was interested in writing so that I can mentor him and help him start writing.  He explained how he loves to write and when I asked him if he was writing about himself he shared his story of love.  He shared how as a 16-year-old boy he fell for a girl, not necessarily in love, but enough to be with her.  Unfortunately the girlfriend became pregnant and terminated the pregnancy at 6 months, it was a little girl.  He explained how he begged her not to do this, but she chose to end the pregnancy at the request of her parents. This has haunted him for the last 6 years.  He no longer talks to this girl or sees her.  I could not believe this story when he shared it with me coming from someone who I had never even met.

This past Christmas, I was doing a show called Bah Hum Bug for the Singing Christmas Trees. I thought about inviting this young man to the show, as a nice gesture to see a Christmas show, not even realizing the story line that was being spoken about.  He decided to come on 12/16/16 to see the show and we agreed to meet afterwards  to say hello.  The story line in the show is about a Pastor that forgets the true meaning of Christmas.  The Pastor goes through a series of dreams that show him areas of his life that he needs to change.  One very important one is when he turns his back on his niece that he is supposed to be taking care of and she becomes pregnant at the age of 16. The Pastor turns his back on her because he is embarrassed by what she has done.  As I was changing costumes in the dressing room, I was watching the TV monitor in the room.  We have a TV in our dressing room so that we can see the show and keep track of our time for our next number.  As I watched the current scene, I heard the conversation  between the Pastor and his niece as he asked her why she did this and what was she thinking, the light bulb went off for me.  I thought to myself , there is this young man and he went through a situation at the age of 16 with a girl who got pregnant. I immediately prayed for God to heal his heart because I recognized that despite all the years that had gone by, he was still hurting, but God can give him a second chance if he would ask for it. I asked one of my cast members to pray for him because I recognized then that this was a divine appointment.

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At the end of the show the Pastor  recognizes how he was wrong and how he should have supported hos niece more.  The Pastor of the church (the real one not the actor) spoke to the guests at the performance before the finale about second chances and how everyone deserves a second chance in life. Again this was not a coincidence, this was divine intervention.  After the show I met this young man and I shared with him what I had felt and he said ,  ” I knew that during that part of the show, you were thinking about my life and what happened.” He is definitely looking for a second chance.  By the way on site at this church, there is a pregnancy center that talks to mothers about healthy pregnancies and also counsels them if they are looking to have an abortion.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so. This story goes to show that nothing is a coincidence, everything happens for a reason.  God can give you a second chance.

This story was written with permission of the young man who will remain anonymous.


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