Moms on Drugs : The Prescription Pill Epidemic

Motherhood can be an overwhelming and daunting experience for any woman. Having to prioritize another human being is definitely a change in pace in one’s life that comes with many ups and downs. Given that, mothers worldwide often face the inevitable visit to the doctor in order to find coping mechanisms for stress. These days, prescription pills have become the common form of comfort for many mothers, who have become heavily dependent on them to get through arduous times. However, the dependency on these has created an epidemic that is concerning and should be brought to light in order to find healthier ways for mothers to cope with the stress of everyday life.


Mothers are often the bearers of chronic pain, either due to a lack of sleep or by default of their increasingly busy lifestyles. Ailments such as arthritis or insomnia are common in mothers all over the world, and are often the reason these women visit their doctors in need of help. Often times, women are prescribed a cocktail of medications with incredibly addictive tendencies. Consequently, this is proving to create an epidemic of mothers who find themselves reliant on these medications to get through their busy and demanding lives.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 52 million people in the United States have used prescription medication for non-medical purposes at some point. Most would assume that the vast majority of these would entail teenagers and college students, but the amount of stay-at-home moms that comprise this staggering metric is astounding. Over 20 million women over the age of 25 have used medical drugs for unintended purposes in America last year. The drugs most often being used include Vicodin, Xanax, Ritalin and, OxyContin. These drugs have become so readily available of late, so much so that women have become heavily reliant on these as opposed to alcohol or other types of drugs. Doctors have been administering prescriptions to these easily, without much apparent concern for their long-term side effects.

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Vicodin: A common painkiller for mothers that can quickly lead to addiction

As a result, the rate of women entering rehab centers has increased exponentially over the last decade. Women find themselves relying on top facilities like, a treatment center in Florida, to come clean and rid themselves of their dependencies. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies have yet to taper off themselves, with newer drugs catering to the common anxiety and mood disorders that mothers often are afflicted with. In turn, women are challenged with finding healthier and efficient coping mechanisms for their conditions without harming themselves and the lives of their family members.

Today, mothers are challenged with the demands of raising children and maintaining healthy lifestyles themselves. The goal for today’s society of doctors is to eliminate the common tendency of administering prescriptions without much concern for their long-term effects on afflicted mothers. With staggering statistics coming to light, and society more aware of the addictive tendencies of the prescription pills on mothers, it’s hopeful that we might develop healthier coping mechanisms for women worldwide.

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