Burn More Calories with Egg Weights, The First Ergonomic Weight System

Egg Weights, a USA-based fitness and sports equipment company, launched their revolutionary products this January on Kickstarter. Egg Weights are the first palm-centered egg-shaped weight specifically designed to work with the body’s natural motion. They boost resistance and calorie burn without altering or obstructing functional movement during physical exercise. Egg Weights has also partnered with hydration systems manufacturer, UltrAspire, to create a weight transferable vest and belt, as well as a smart watch and smartphone tracking app.

Inventor, Christian Malcolm, created the system after a hiking accident with his son when he accidentally swung a dumbbell backwards, hitting his son in the shoulder. “I realized that traditional dumbbell shapes weren’t safe for running, walking, hiking or training in groups, so I created a safe ergonomic handheld weight.”

How Do Egg Weights Work?

Dr. Todd Schroeder of ETS Science Lab recently tested Egg Weights at the USC Clinical Health Research Center in Los Angeles. “The 3.5 MPH walking condition using the Egg Weight showed a greater intensity than walking without the Egg Weights with a 55% increase in VO2/kg/min, a 62% increase in kcal/min, and a 28% increase in heart rate. The 6.0 MPH jogging condition using the Egg Weight also showed a greater intensity than jogging without the Egg Weights with a 24% increase in VO2/kg/min, a 28% increase in kcal/min, and a 17% increase in heart rate.”

Practically speaking? Participants walking 3.5 miles per hour (MPH) without egg weights burned about 4.3 calories per minute, but when they added egg weights they burned about 7 calories per minute. Similarly, jogging 6 MPH without egg weights led to a calorie burn of about 11.4 calories per minute, while jogging with egg weights in hand yielded 14.6 calories per minute. So, for a 30-minute walking workout, egg weights can boost your calorie burn by about 80 calories! Throw in some jogging intervals (or simply extend your walking time by 10 minutes),and you can burn over 100 extra calories using Egg Weights! Talk about a calorie burn booster AND time saver!

Fun Facts About Egg Weights

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Egg Weights are the only palm centered hand weights in the world. Egg Weights increase the intensity of any physical activity without changing your body’s natural motion, unlike traditional dumbbell shapes.

Egg Weight’s unique reversible grip allows users to quickly change the feel and function of the non-slip grip within seconds, going from a sports/therapy grip with nodes to a smooth soft comfortable and relaxing grip for walking.

Egg Weights are completely water proof and rust proof. They may be frozen to use as therapeutic tools for rolling on sore muscles as well as rolling feet over them for relief of pain, muscle tightness, and plantar fascitis. Egg Weights may also be used to apply pressure to points on the body for relief by using either end as a pressure press tip or rolling egg itself specially to break up fascia and tight muscle fibers.

Egg Weights do not exceed the circumference of your hand so they have no risk of hitting your own body, other people, or stationary or moving objects during physical activity. Even while running in large groups there is no risk of hitting other people with the weight.

The unique Egg Weight shape allows it to be placed within a running vest or waist belt to easily transfer the weights from the hand to the body and back again when desired.

Egg Weights are easy to pick up and place down during physical activity and even can be placed into water bottle buckets while on a treadmill to go hands free during interval or endurance training if desired. They are also great for slow functional movements while on a mat or in a plank position.

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Egg Weights are compact and small enough to fit into a day pack for traveling anywhere unlike traditional dumbbell shapes, so you never leave your workout behind.

Egg Weights drive the weight through the center of your hand so the weight is always positioned correctly no matter the movement or angle of the motion. This palm centered weight distribution helps with proper running form, balance, endurance, and muscle memory.

Where To Find Egg Weights

Egg Weights recently launched a Kickstarter campaign this month. Consider helping them meet their campaign goal and supporting one of the latest innovations in health and fitness. For just a $12 pledge, receive 4 sets of different colored egg weights to use during your next workout!


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