Planning a Family Vacation this Spring?

Family Flora

While on a family vacation, sometimes my gut just doesn’t feel right. Has that ever happened to you? We could be on a family road trip and I feel pressure and pain like I have to go number two, but then when we get to the rest stop nothing happens. Or, we are at our hotel after eating junk and fast food and I am in and out of the bathroom. I am sure you have experienced this as well.

When you change your schedule, travel or eat different types of foods, the body is introduced to things that are foreign. This is often due to foreign bacteria that is common in the water supply or environment (locals are used to it but it can wreak havoc on those of us who are not!) in new places, especially when you travel abroad. A healthy friendly flora system can help fight off the “not friendly” so you don’t suffer unnecessarily. Family Flora Traveler’s Support Probiotic + Prebiotic delivers a 20.4 Billion CFU, two-culture combination plus prebiotic formula that can help boost the microbiome so that you can better combat those unfamiliar bacteria.

Family Flora

Family Flora Traveler’s Relief comes in a box with handy one serving packets designed for travel. All you need to do is mix it into a cold food or beverage or consume directly from the pack to support optimal flora balance. Family Flora Traveler’s Relief is designed for adults only. If your child is having digestive issues while traveling I recommend that you try Family Flora Jr. Daily Balance.

Just like adults, children’s “good bacteria” make up the 1 trillion cells in the microbiome. The foods kids eat (or don’t eat!), the medications they take, the other children they come in contact with, can all interfere with a healthy balance in the microbiome. Family Flora Daily Balance Junior Probiotic + Prebiotic delivers a 10 billion CFU, four-culture combination plus prebiotic formula for children ages 2 – 14, helping young tummies to maintain their balance. Family Flora Daily Balance Junior also prevents constipation and diarrhea.

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Family Flora Traveler’s Relief helps me maintain a healthy balance in my digestive system. I no longer have to suffer with cramping and pain while traveling with my family. I love the conveniently packaged servings which fit easily into my purse or carry on.

For more information about the Family Flora products visit They can also be purchased at your local Target store.  Healthy Moms Magazine readers can get $3 off of Family Flora products at Target. Click here for your coupon.

*Disclosure: I received a box of Family Flora Traveler’s Relief in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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