Heat Holders – The Warmest Thermal Sock

The winters here in Chicago can get bitterly cold. Just a few weeks ago our temperatures reached below zero. When the wind picks up it feels a lot colder. When it gets cold like that I prefer to stay indoors with my hot coffee, a blanket, my cat snuggled on my lap and a warm fire in the fire-place. Unfortunately, sometimes I have to go outside in the cold, either to shovel snow, take the garbage out, get the mail or walk the kids to school. I like to keep warm by dressing in layers and wearing the warmest thermal sock.

Heat Holders Socks are the Warmest Thermal Sock

Heat Holders

I have found the warmest thermal socks ever. They are soft, comfortable and keep my feet toasty warm and dry. What makes Heat Holders the best socks for the cold winter months?

They use special yarn.

The Heat Holders specially developed thermal yarn provides high performance insulation against cold with superior moisture breathing abilities.

Heat Holders Loops

They use innovative knitting technology which produces unique, extra long looped cushion pile to hold in more warm air.

Heat Holders with Boots

They use an expert brushing process.

The Heat Holders expert brushing process maximizes the amount of warm air held inside each sock for total warmth and all-day comfort.

Heat Holders also makes thermal underwear, hats, gloves, tights and leggings. For more information about Heat Holders, the warmest thermal socks, and to order online visit heatholders.com.

Heat Holders

About Heat Holders

No one likes cold feet. But until 2008, most ‘thermal’ socks you could buy were pretty much useless. And that’s where our mission began…

Our inventor, David Doughty, spent his working life making and selling socks. Laid off from his factory job in the late 70s, he bought a machine with his severance check and began making socks in his garage. By the 80s, he’d built up a thriving business that employed over 200 people.

Things got tougher in the 90s. Imports flooded the market, forcing David to switch from manufacturing to importing. Socks got cheaper, but they got thinner and lighter too – and people’s feet got colder.

Cold feet, bright idea
One winter’s day in 2006, while David was watching his son play soccer, he realized his so-called ‘thermal’ socks were doing absolutely nothing to keep his feet warm. Sock-makers had tried so hard to be cheap, they’d forgotten about quality. Right there and then, David decided to create a superior thermal sock. A sock so warm his feet wouldn’t know it was winter.

A sock is born
Developing Heat Holders® took two years of hard work, dozens of experiments and a complete redesign of machinery. Eventually, we found the answer: a three-stage manufacturing process incorporating a high-quality acrylic yarn mix with an incredibly soft, cashmere-like feel, a special long looped pile and finally an intense brushing process. The key to insulation is to trap as much warm air as close to the skin as possible, and that’s what Heat Holders® do better than any other sock in the world.

The Heat Holders® process was, and still is, absolutely unique. It gives our socks the best thermal properties available, with a tog rating of 2.34. That’s far warmer than heavy walking socks, nearly three times as warm as standard thermal socks and seven times warmer than basic cotton socks (source: https://www.heatholders.com/pages/our-story).

*Disclosure: I received a pair of Heat Holders Thermal Socks in exchange for this review.  All opinions are accurate and 100% mine. 


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  • Katie Jenkins , January 14, 2017

    Hi there, Cascia! I just now thought of your blog and realized I hadn’t been receiving your emails in a while. I looked in my junk box with no success so I’m re-signing up for your posts. Just wanted to give you a heads up if I end up being a repeat subscriber!

    These socks sound outstanding! I have a condition called Raynaud’s Syndrome where my fingers and toes often turn cold, white, and numb when it’s the slightest bit chilly. Basically, how normal people’s bodies respond to frigid weather, only the condition tends to trigger in much higher temperatures! I’m always looking for warmer socks and gloves and this company sounds like a winner!

    I’m definitely checking out their website right now!

    Thank you so much for sharing this post with all of us!!!

    Hope your weekend is going wonderfully so far.?

  • Cascia Talbert , January 15, 2017

    Sorry I haven’t gotten around to sending out my newsletters. Glad you like our site.

    I love my Heat Holders socks. They are the warmest socks that I have ever warn. I wear mine all the time. The only time I take them off is when I go to bed. I bet Heat Holders will help your Raynaud’s Syndrome.

    Thanks for stopping by, Katie. Have a terrific weekend!

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