Mid-Year School Check-In

For most schools, the halfway point of the year falls somewhere between the end of December and the end of January. It’s a great time to do a check-in with your children and their teachers to make sure things are going well and there’s no mid-year slump.

Questions to ask your child:

  • What has been your favorite thing that you’ve learned so far this year?
  • What is something you’re looking forward to learning later this year?
  • Do any of your grades surprise you?
  • What is one class that you’re especially proud of?
  • What is one class that you think you could be working harder?

Questions to ask your child‘s teachers:

  • Has my child‘s work been consistent (or improving) throughout the year?
  • Are there mistakes that are consistently being made that need to be addressed?
  • Is my child respectful to you and to peers?

Just a simple touch base can make sure that a slump gets turned around before it gets too serious, or can even prevent one from happening if your child knows that you are interested in his or her school performance beyond grades. Grades are important, but it’s even more important to help keep your child curious, which happens a lot more often if parents are genuinely interested by what’s happening in school.

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