Benefits of Natural Detox Over Medical Detox

Benefits of Natural Detox

Any addict who intends to live a drug-free life needs to go through the detoxification process, the stage wherein the body rids itself of toxins and chemical residues brought about by substance abuse. This cleansing and purging process is one of the most critical phases of the treatment process.

There are many detox options available, but natural detox is probably the most underrated option, perhaps due to the fact it generally requires more from the person in the way of commitment, willpower, and desire than other medication-based methods. Those who choose the natural route, however, find it is easier to go through the succeeding stages after they have developed and practiced discipline and control during natural detox.

Benefits of Natural Detox

Here are the top benefits of natural detox over medication detox, the most widespread detoxification method:


  • It does not subject the addict to more drugs


During medication-based detox, as the name implies, prescription medication is a major part of the process. This means that the addict will be given one or more medications to combat the many negative withdrawal symptoms during the detox process. While the administration of drugs in this case is regulated and monitored, there is still a possibility that the addict will experience side-effects from the new drugs. Natural drug detox, in contrast, generally adheres to the principle that chemicals do not belong inside a healthy human body. Regardless of the known “benefits”, medications still contain chemicals that are foreign to the body, and that the system can reject anytime. And rejection of medications can lead to further complications during the detox process.


  • It promotes the adoption of a healthy lifestyle
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Natural drug detox is not concerned merely with beating drug dependency. Natural detox also involves teaching the recovering addict basic habits of healthy living. It does not include the administration of medications even to relieve the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. Rather, the goal of detoxing the natural way is for the recovering addict to develop a healthy substance abuse-free lifestyle.

The proponents of natural detox believe that an addict can only achieve long-term sobriety if he can consistently practice a healthy lifestyle. There are no short-cuts. Unlike medication detox that prioritizes the treatment of substance abuse, natural drug detox pursues overall health and well-being. Generally speaking, those who prioritize their physical, psychological, and mental wellness will most likely stay away from all forms of addiction after recovery.


  • It does not subject the recovering addict to the risk of acquiring another drug addiction


Since medical detox uses medications in the process, there is always a chance that the recovering addict will replace his former substance of choice with the medication introduced during detox. This is a non-issue with natural detox since the process is completed using natural foods and physical, mental and emotional exercises.

Holistic Approaches that Support Natural Detox Methods

Considering that natural detox may be more difficult to accomplish than medication detox, holistic approaches may be helpful to include alongside the detox process. These methods can be helpful in supporting the success of the detox process and the person’s overall well-being. Below are the most common methods that provide outstanding holistic benefits:

    • Yoga
    • Exercise
    • Nutrition and Biochemical Restoration
    • Meditation
    • Acupuncture
    • Massage
    • Water therapy
    • Sleep

While natural detox provides outstanding short-term and long-term benefits, it is important to note that it is still best to consult a detox specialist before starting the process. Getting professional advice on the available natural approaches and information on other complementary activities can support effective results during the detoxification process.

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