Consider This When Purchasing a Mattress For Your Baby’s Crib

Mattress Baby's Crib

Mattress Baby's Crib

If you have a new arrival in your home, you want to make certain that you purchase a mattress for your baby’s crib that is safe and comfortable. This is why you need to pay close attention to both the crib and crib mattress you purchase for your newborn. Whereas most people spend plenty of time thinking about which crib looks best or fits the baby‘s bedroom well, many people do not pay quite as much attention to choosing the right mattress that is safe and durable.

Deciding which crib mattress to buy is not always an easy task; there are several different types to choose from. We are going to introduce you to the different types of mattress that are available for you to purchase.

Foam Crib Mattresses

According to, foam crib mattresses can be a very good choice, but you have to be careful to choose the right one. If you are considering buying a mattress, you should test the firmness by pressing down on it with your hand. The mattress should remain firm under the pressure. If the mattress gives way under your hand, it’s likely to do the same when a child is sleeping on it. This is not a good thing as it could lead to a baby being unable to move away from a sleeping position, and this inflexibility is dangerous.

Innerspring Crib Mattresses

You may be familiar with innerspring mattresses simply by having slept on one yourself. This type of mattress is made by using a series of coils and a fabric covering. If you are buying this type of mattress for your child‘s crib, you should choose one where the coils are close together. This helps to make the mattress firm, and we have already discussed why this is so important for your baby’s safety.

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Organic Crib Mattresses

You may want to check out organic crib mattress reviews online to see if this is the best mattress option for your child‘s crib. As you can probably imagine, organic crib mattresses are made from all-natural products, such as cotton and wool. This means that your child is not sleeping close to chemicals or additives. One thing you do need to think about (if you are considering the purchase of an organic crib mattress) is that they do tend to be more expensive than other crib mattresses on the market.

We have introduced you to the different types of crib mattresses that are available to buy. The good news is that you will be able to find a good quality and safe crib mattress no matter what your budget is. It’s more important to concentrate on the safety aspect of the mattress than anything else. You need to make sure that the mattress you choose is firm. You also need to ensure that it fits well in the crib. There should be a gap of no more than 20mm between the edge of the mattress and the side of the crib when the mattress is placed in the center of the crib.

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