20 Tips on Keeping Your Home Organized for Kids

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We all know how hectically cluttered our house can be once the school closes for vacations. So, before you have some false thoughts on this article let me clearly tell you that any life that includes children will get complicated at least to some degree. The dream of an absolute minimalist lifestyle with kids included will just stay as dreams itself. Having kids and taking care of them are a great deal of responsibility. The more you try to control your kids the worse it gets.

Parenting is fun if it’s done in the right way. Developing his small brains with proper nutrition and emotions aren’t the only things that include in parenting. Providing proper environment for him to enlighten is also necessary. Training should start from home itself. Just like an old saying “Home is the first school”.

In this listicle, we will try to help you out to organize your home in a way which is better for your kids too. So, let’s start without any delay!!!

1. Sort the Toys

kid playng game

This is the first step you need to do immediately. Find out the favorite toys your kids love and sort them out from the others. Don’t throw them away though. You don’t wanna hurt his/her feelings right?

2. Get Rid of The Clutter

If you are having a lot of kid clutters, think about a massive purge. Pile up all the stuffs and execute the Step 1. If some of them are re-usable donate it to charity and other social welfare institutions.

3. Space them up!

When you are putting back things back to its place make sure to leave spaces in them. Don’t stack your drawers and closets. This will look much nicer.

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4. Organize the ‘heart’

There is a reason behind why kitchens are referred as the ‘heart of the house’. Just try to calculate how many times we enter and get out of the kitchen in a day. This sometimes is the dining table, a homework area before dinner, a play area so that you can keep an eye on your kids..and goes on. So, organize your kitchen in a way that everyone including your kids are comfortable.

5. Contain the Clutter

mother playing with kidThis is the only thing you can reasonably think off but too hard to implement. Containing your kid’s clutter can be really challenging. The best way to do this is by allocating rooms for your kids to play. Allow them only to play inside their rooms. Let them know your dining hall, living room and others are only for households.

6. Storage

Train your kids to drop their toys in specific bins allotted for toys. There’s no harm in scolding them if they neglect to do so. In this way a sense of responsibility for own things will develop in them.

7. Organize your kid’s room

Clean and organize your kid’s play area and study area. This will help them to be fresh in mind and sharp at brains. Try to teach your kids to develop a habit keeping everything clean and organized. If you don’t have time to clean hire Nassau County cleaning service/.

8. Sort similar stuffs together

As said in Step 6 organizing bins for your kid’s stuffs can be a big relief for you. Now, try to organize similar stuffs in a single bin..like..all the stuffed animals goes in the blue bin and all the sports stuffs goes in the green bin.

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9. Separate place for papers

Just as for your toys allot a specific places for the incoming school papers and books. Dispose them at once when you find they are no longer necessary for your kids.

10. Allow them to mess up

playing kids

Yup. You heard us.. Allow kids to mess things up. Once they are done with it, ask them to clean up. They would be happy to do this.

11. Regular DE cluttering

Don’t leave your trash for the next day. Clean up the mess as soon as possible so that they won’t pile up and make things harder.

12. Organize your bathroom

This is the important portion of your house where you need to take care of. Bathrooms are the only one place where you go in to freshen up. So it is likely to have a lot of bacteria and viruses harmful for you and your kids. Keep them clean and organized to have a healthy hygiene.

13. Clean before bed

Kids bed also need attention. Make a habit of doing a quick clean-up before bed. Say bye-bye to frustrated mornings.

14. Change your attitude

It’s all about how you see it and how much you can take in. Always know that being a grumpy parent is not fun at all. Enjoy your kids company and join along with them.

15.Teach them less is ok

teach kidsTeach your kids to be satisfied with fewer toys. Anyhow they aren’t going to play with each and every one of them. With less stuff, they can find things more and what to play with them.

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16. Buy less

Now… this hard right. We live for our kids and whatever we buy for them doesn’t seem enough. Make a habit of buying less and necessary things. Always know that kids are choosy and maybe most of the things you bought wouldn’t even be in their ‘like list’. So, act wisely.

17. Quality matters

Buy quality things for your kids. Don’t buy all those cheap plastic junks for your kids. For example wood can be a perfect replacement for plastic. As they are costly you won’t buy them up as bulk and will definitely last longer.

18. Christmas and Birthdays

These are the two days your kids will be eagerly waiting as they know that they are in for new toys. A day after these, pile up his/ her’s old toys and new toys. Tell him to pick one from the new one and replace it with the one from the old pile. This way you can have less headaches what to do with the old toys.

19. Clean as you go

Make a habit to clean up as you go. This will contain the piling up of clusters to an extent.

20. Plan your clean

Set proper days and times just for clearing the clutters. Twice or thrice a week will always be a better option. Also make sure to keep your cleaning time after your kid gets to bed.

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