6 Reasons to Add a Protein Shake To Your Diet


Curious about protein shakes but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re looking for a quick balanced meal, trying to lose weight to meet your nutrition goals, or aiming to eat healthier overall, protein shakes can be a wonderful solution. But, with so many choices on the market it can be intimidating to know where to begin. Here I’ll share my simple go-to guide and six reasons you should consider adding protein shakes to your diet.

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What’s in a protein shake?

Like people, protein shakes come in different shapes and sizes with different vitamins, minerals, nutrients, flavors, and more. Some shakes are designed to simply supplement the diet with protein, while others are more nutritionally complete and can be used to replace a meal. And while some are sold ready-to-drink off the shelf, the more popular versions are those that allow personalization. This provides people with the opportunity to make their own protein shakes by combining a protein powder and a liquid, often water, milk or soy milk, and customizing even further with the addition of other ingredients, like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, spices and more.

What can a protein shake do for you?

Here are six ways protein shakes can help you achieve your nutrition goals.

#1: Perfect for on-the-go

Protein shakes that are designed to replace a meal are great for people who are meal-skippers. They’re quick and convenient and can provide balanced nutrition when time for meal preparation is limited.

#2: Great for those struggling to maintain or lose weight

For those who are trying to lose weight, a meal replacement shake can be used to replace one or two meals per day. Aside from being convenient, protein shakes have a defined calorie content and are portion controlled, which makes it easier to accurately count calories and control total intake for the day.

#3: As a supplement to help you gain weight

For those who are trying to gain weight, protein shakes can be used to provide supplementary calories. Drinking a protein shake between meals or at bedtime can help to boost calorie intake.

#4: An easy way to add protein

Another reason to consider using a protein shake is to boost your overall daily protein intake, if it’s difficult for you to meet needs from your meals alone. When you make your own protein shakes, you can adjust the amount of protein in your shake according to your individual needs.

#5: Premium fuel for your body

Many people use protein shakes after a workout, but they’re also useful as pre-exercise meals. Those who work out in the morning often like to ‘top off the tank’ with a light meal, and protein shakes can fill the bill.

#6: An easy way to add other healthy foods to your diet

A simple protein shake is like a blank canvas. You can add all sorts of things to your shake that can help you meet your daily nutrition goals. It’s easy to add a serving of fruit or vegetables, but you can also boost your fiber by adding whole grains or seeds, or add healthy fats in the form of nuts or avocado.

Protein shake mixes like Herbalife Formula 1 are a wonderful addition to your nutrition plan. When made with 8 oz. nonfat milk, a Formula 1 shake provides 21 vitamins and minerals, 17 grams of protein with only 170 calories. Plus, with several different flavors you can create endless combinations so you don’t get bored with the same flavor each day. Herbalife Nutrition also offers other great products like Active Fiber Complex and Personalized Protein Powder that can be used as boosters to your shake to help you get the right balance of nutrients specific to your own dietary needs.

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