Book Review: I Did It I Did It: Zoie Learns to Potty

Zoie Learns to Potty
  • Book Style: Educational storybook for kids, big and small
  • Reading Level: 2 (Read with Help due to some mid-level vocabulary)
  • Reading Length: 5-7 minutes (FYI – we never account for toddler questions)
  • Illustration: Very modern, cartoonish
  • Age Target: 1-8 Years of Age
  • Author: Monique T. Joseph
  • Purchase Page:

I Did It, I Did It: Zoie Learns to Potty is what I like to refer to as a story with a point.  Sure, it’s a cute little story for kids and toddlers alike, but it’s all about learning to use the potty.  As such, it becomes a great educational tool for you with your little one as they go on the adventure of learning to use a toilet.

The book is written by Monique T. Joseph, and the story is about little Zoie as she attempts to learn how to use the toilet.  At the beginning of the book, we meet Zoie and her loving family.  We learn that little Zoie has eaten a ton and now finds her stomach is hurting.  We all know what this means, so her parents offer her a chance to learn to use the potty. Zoie takes full advantage and learns the joy of a toilet, particularly compared to the uncomfortable diaper.  Through observing Zoie’s stress, nervousness, and finally her excitement about learning, your little one will watch (and read) as Zoie practices this new skill.

There is truly nothing like a story with an educational foundation.  Stories teach on their own, but what’s great about this book is that it teaches the reader a practical skill.  It’s not all about the alphabet, counting, or some other scholastic subject.  It’s about something that your child does everyday, and this basic daily necessity affects Mom and Dad, as well.  I can remember the struggles of trying to get my child to use his little potty and the actual excitement I had when he finally used the toilet.  It wasn’t just his excitement but mine, as well.

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Now just because the book is trying to be educational doesn’t mean that the message is being smashed over your head.  In fact, this book is incredibly subtle with its attempt to teach, and I think that makes it very effective.  The reason why I like this book so much is because children will absorb the story and then perhaps want to have the same positive experience as Zoie.  While it might not be the very next day, children always come to the “great potty trek” on their own.  This book may simply help them get there sooner rather than later.

Zoie Learns to Potty
Tell me these aren’t the cutest characters. I think Zoie has her own personal level of cute, no?

It’s been proven time and time again that rhyming and rhythm in stories help children read and write.  Our author, Monique T. Joseph, ensures that she’s rhyming at least once per page, and she usually finds a way to do it twice per page.  Not only does this help with absorption, but it also helps us (as the ones who normally read the book to our children) saunter through the book effortlessly.  I know personally I will read more when a book is easy to read, which in turn helps my child learn faster.

Now you can’t speak about a children’s book without talking about the illustrations.  There is nothing that will grab a child’s attention faster than fun and interesting illustrations.  I Did It, I Did It has a style that is difficult to explain.  Each illustration is incredibly sharp, and somehow despite being a cartoon, has a ton of depth to it.  The characters show fun expressions and really tell a story all on their own.  All in all, the illustrations might be my favorite part of the book and I know my little guy loved them because he kept asking about all the different objects in the background.

Zoie Learns to Potty 2
         Tell me I’m wrong about these illustrations!

All in all, Monique’s story is fun, educational, and vibrant.  The absolute joy Zoie experiences as she learns to use the potty is very cute, and it will help your child consider doing the same thing.  The writing style and educational nature of the book make this an easy choice for us as parents, and the illustrations make the book very fun to look at for our children. As a result, this is pretty easy to recommend.  It’s a complete package, and right now you can pre-order the book for $14.99 USD (Pre-Order) on Monique’s website.  Act now, because the price will jump to $16.99 once the book is fully launched.

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