Children’s Book Review: Dobby Is So Polite What A Delight

Dobby is So Polite Book Review


  • Book Style: Storybook for kids and toddlers
  • Reading Level: 2 (Read with Help due to some mid-level vocabulary)
  • Reading Length: 7-10 minutes (FYI – we never account for toddler questions)
  • Illustration: Very cute and vibrant
  • Age Target: 2-8 Years of Age

Dobby Is So Polite What A Delight is a children‘s storybook written by up and coming author, Kimberley Kleczka.  Although I personally have read a number of Kimberley’s books with my toddler, this is the first time her work will show up on Healthy Moms Magazine.

The story starts off in a bit of a sad way, with Dobby being abandoned in a smelly cage.  Fortunately, Dobby is found my a nice man whose sister loves dogs, and he gives Dobby to her (her name is Kaylah). Kaylah lives with another dog named Baloo, who teaches Dobby the tricks of the dog trade, so to speak. In the end, we see Kaylah, Baloo, and Dobby’s relationships develop, and they all enjoy a great life together.  Dobby snuggles in with Kaylah and learns manners from Baloo…What more could a dog want?

Hugs and Hugs and Hugs

One thing to learn about this author is how positive she is.  As a result of her incredible positive outlook, her books are very uplifting.  This particular book is no exception, as it’s incredibly fun and upbeat. I don’t know about you, but I love when a book leaves my little guy feeling happy and safe.  The story of Dobby being abandoned and then finding happiness and health is uplifting for the reader(s).  Also, I think a story like this teaches children compassion and care, both essential qualities in this day and age.

Generally speaking, dogs make great characters in children’s books.  Their ability to show unconditional love and their adorable demeanor are positive traits for children to mirror.  Kimberley has clearly taken advantage of the opportunity to create characters that model these positive traits in every page of the book.  Dobby is a happy-go-lucky character who applies himself and tries hard to grow every day. These traits make it even easier to adore Dobby.

Dobby Is So Polite

Now that we’ve talked about Kimberley and her ability to craft a story and characters, let’s discuss the illustrations.  As I said, I’ve read a number of Kimberley’s books with my child, and he’s always enjoyed them.  One of the biggest reasons is the inclusion of absolutely vibrant illustrations.  Every color on the pages of this book simply pops off the page.  The drawings are sharp, and they always complement the story in a fun way.  Have a look at Baloo’s shoes and hat (picture below) to see the color and detail!

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Dobby is So Polite Book Review

Dobby Is So Polite What a Delight is fun, full of character lessons, and aesthetically appealing.  There’s nothing here to dislike, so I find it easy to recommend to parents of children ages 2 to 8.

What’s especially great is that Kimberley Kleczka always gives potential fans a chance to jump into her world with a free promotion.  In the case of Dobby Is So Polite What A Delight, the book will be free on Kindle (KDP) from March 1st to March 5th, 2017!  If you’d like to take advantage of that or if you’d like to buy a reasonably priced book, click here!

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