Clean Home, Clean Planet with DAZZ Cleaning Tablets

DAZZ Cleaning Tablets

DAZZ Cleaning Tablets

Did you know that 35 million plastic bottles are thrown out every year? That’s 185 pounds of plastic per American! And did you know that you’re paying for 90% water when purchasing new cleaning products? Between the trashed plastic and watery solutions, that’s a lot of waste!

DAZZ Cleaning Tablets is reducing your waste and saving you money with their new cleaning tablets. No need to purchase a new bottle or a mostly-water cleaning solution anymore. Instead, purchase their tablets and add to your own bottle and water at home for much less!

DAZZ offers three different cleaning tablets: all-purpose, bathroom cleaner, and window and glass cleaner. With your starter kit purchase, you’ll receive a reusable plastic bottle (don’t throw this away!) and 2 packets of cleaning tablets that each produce a 32-ounce bottle of cleaner. The best part? All of this is just $4.99, with the refill kits of 4 packets of cleaner coming in at just $3.99. And beyond the bottle and cleaner, what are getting for your purchase?

  • No harmful chemicals in the cleaner
  • No plastic waste (save that bottle!)
  • Effective cleaning solution (compare to Clorox)
  • Terrific price point (less than $1 per packet)
  • Product free from animal testing
  • Transparent label with ALL ingredients listed
  • A full day of clean, hygenic water given to a family in need

DAZZ Cleaning Tablets Infographic

If for some reason you’re not totally sold on DAZZ yet, they are offering a sample of their product free of charge: a full packet of tablets to try at home.

DAZZ Cleaning Tablets

Click HERE to grab your DAZZ packets today!


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