Fashion Tips for Busy Moms

fashion tips for busy moms

Fashion Tips for Busy Moms

Life as a mom is not without its ups and downs. Some days are so busy, you can barely find time to comb your hair. Others are so relaxed that you don’t want to change out of your pajama pants. However, for all the challenges, most moms wouldn’t trade in being a mom for any other job in the world. Despite being proud to be a mom, though, you still want to look good and look put together when you take your little ones out into the real world. With that in mind, here are some fashion tips that you can use to help you out.

fashion tips for busy moms

Make Sure Your Outfit Makes Sense

As a mom, you are probably familiar with being practical. While you can still be fashionable, you also need to be practical. Your outfit choices need to make sense for what you are dealing with that day. For example, if you are chaperoning your kid’s class trip to the zoo, you would want to wear comfortable shoes and not three-inch heels.

If you have a baby, avoid dangling earrings or jewelry that your baby will love to grab and yank on. This includes your purse. If you will be carrying your child or will need to hold little hands, go for a cross body purse that will leave your hands free. This style of purse can actually be a mom’s best fashion pick because it lets you focus on your kids and all the other things you need to do without having worry about leaving your purse somewhere by accident or having a child run off because you didn’t have enough hands to hold onto him or her.

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Instead, opt for post earrings and skip the necklace. If you are going to be outside, wear layers. This way you can remove layers as needed to keep comfortable. Not to mention that layers are always a nice idea because if an accident occurs, like your kid spits up on your shoulder, you can remove the dirty layer and still look good.

Think Simple

Keeping your outfit simple is the best idea. To begin with, you likely won’t have time to put together some amazing fashionable ensemble because you will be too busy getting everyone ready for school, making breakfast, helping to find lost shoes and just dealing with everyone else’s needs.

Keeping things simple works, too, because you won’t have to constantly be worried about how you look. Simple clothes general fit right and stay in place. Nothing is worse than having to constantly worry that your skirt is creeping up or that your shirt is being pulled a bit too low in the front.

Good simple choices include t-shirts, polo shirts, knee-length or longer skirts, capris, jeans and sweaters. You can still look stylish, though. A great outfit idea for a busy mom is to pair a tunic with leggings. This looks amazing but takes little effort to throw together and is super comfortable.

Choose Pieces Wisely

You probably don’t spend a lot on yourself. Maybe you haven’t even gotten new clothes in years. However, you don’t have to skimp when it comes to your clothes. Just make good choices. Choose pieces that are versatile and that you can wear in different ways. Make sure you buy good quality, too. For example, get a simple dress from that you can pair with a sweater or add a blouse under to vary the look.

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You should also avoid impulse buys. These rarely work out, and the chances are really good that you won’t ever end up wearing whatever it is you have bought. Instead, choose pieces that you know you will get use from. Think about what you already have and how any new piece will fit into your current wardrobe.

Don’t Forget About Messes

Having kids means messiness. You should only be buying clothing that is easy to clean. Dry clean only clothes should be reserved for work or special occasions. Your daily wardrobe should only include clothing that can be washed in your machines at home. The last thing you want to do is add a trip to the dry cleaners to your already busy schedule.

These clothing tips can be very helpful for the mom on the go. Making sure that you look good doesn’t have to take a backseat to everything else. You can look great, but you just have to make some concessions so your clothes match your lifestyle.

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