Four Myths And A Truth

Talcum Powder in Makeup

Talcum Powder in Makeup

Ever wonder if feeling cold makes you sick? Or how clean your organic food actually is? You and me both! is sharing some common lifestyle myths and one fact to remember before purchasing your next container of baby powder:

  • Being cold gives you a cold — False
    • There are numerous reasons why we catch colds when the temperature dips, and none are because we feel cold. Viruses spread less in high humidity, and people are generally confined to closer quarters during the winter
  • Drinking milk builds strong bones — False
    • The USDA claims that “milk does a body good,” but there are no studies proving that it’s consumption actually strengthens bones. However, if you drink milk, you’re getting important nutrients like calcium, potassium, B6, B12 and protein!
  • Organic food is pesticide free — False
    • Farmers are allowed to use naturally derived chemicals on organic produce, so it’s not completely free of pesticides. Research is still being conducted on the potential superior nutrition of organic produce
  • Toilet seats are covered in germs — False
    • While they aren’t the cleanest things around, the real bacterial hot spots in the bathroom are the flushing handle, soap dispensers, and door handles. Always wash your hands, and use the paper towel to turn off the faucet and open the door when you leave
  • Talcum powder increases ovarian cancer risk — True
    • More research needs to be done, but evidence suggests there is a correlation between using talc products down below and an increased risk of ovarian cancer. Until we know more about the mechanism behind talc powder and cancer, reducing your use may be a good preventive measure to take


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