Banishing Black Mold: What You Need to Know

Black Mold

Black Mold

If your home is under threat from black mold, it is bad news all round. Black mold looks unsightly, but more importantly, it could be putting your family’s health at risk. Here is a look at how black mold forms in your home, what makes it so dangerous, how to identify it correctly, and what preventative measures or removal action you can take when your home comes under threat.


Clear and Present Danger

The very mention of black mold can fill any homeowner with fear and dread. This reaction is understandable considering that black mold is a threat to your home and your health.

There are actually many different variants of black mold, and not all of them are toxic and dangerous. However, the question for many of us is this: how do we distinguish between an unsightly problem and a mold that could create serious health issues? It is not a good idea to altogether ignore evidence of black mold in your home, and more often than not it is a problem that can be eradicated quickly and successfully when proper attention is given. What you need to do when you spot signs of black mold is to understand what it is and how it has been caused. Then create an action plan together with mold remediation services to eradicate it.


Trust Your Nose

The many mold variants that can appear in your home can be accurately described as black in color, but that visual clue is not exactly helpful in identifying what type of mold may be growing. When identifying the specific type, it is a good time to get a professional opinion from someone like Restorationeze to confirm whether you have the dangerous version of black mold, known as Stachybotrys chartarum.

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In the meantime, you can use your nose to give you an instant clue.

This dangerous black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) is often not that difficult to identify if you trust your nose, as it gives off a striking and unpleasant earthy aroma that smells like a pile of rotting leaves and dirt. It is a very pungent and potent aroma. If this is what hits your nostrils, there is no time to waste, Black mold is extremely toxic, and it represents a serious health risk.


Go In Search of the Mold

If you spot the mold first, then you can investigate from there. But it should be remembered that mold can (and usually will) grow in specific parts of your home that are likely to provide conditions conducive to black mold developing. These areas are wet and damp with no large fluctuations in temperature. This is also where using your nose can be helpful, as you can’t always see the beginning of a mold problem until it spreads.


Why is the mold so dangerous?

Although the black mold isn’t poisonous by itself, dangerous and toxic chemical compounds are attracted to it and then combine with the mold and spores. What then happens (when the toxic chemical compounds combine with the mold) is the creation of potentially deadly cocktails known as mycotoxins, which can have a devastating effect on your body.

Once this deadly black mold is present in you home, even the slightest breeze can turn them airborne. If the toxins subsequently enter your body, they target your respiratory system and are even capable of shutting down critical bodily functions.

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Take urgent action

You will want to immediately remove any signs of black mold in your home, especially a toxic version. You can use store-bought mold-destroying compounds and chemicals to spray on the affected areas, but many of us wouldn’t want to take any chances of missing some of the black mold. You might decide to hire a professional with the right tools to remove the threat and give your home a clean bill of health.

Black mold is a threat to your family’s home and health that should always be taken seriously. With the proper identification and treatment with a professional’s help, you can ensure a clean and safe home.


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