Book Review: Luna & Alook’s Magical Music Book

Luna and Alook's Magical Music Book
  • Book Style: Series-Based Storybook for Kids and Toddlers
  • Reading Level: 2 (Read with Help due to some mid-level vocabulary)
  • Reading Length: 5-7 minutes (FYI – we never account for toddler questions)
  • Illustration: Colorful, vibrant, pretty
  • Age Target: 2-8 Years of Age
  • Author: Kimberley Kleczka
  • Author’s Page: AmazonKoolamundo
  • Book Purchase Page: Amazon
  • Social Media Links: FacebookTwitterPinterest

Luna & Alook’s Magical Music Book is a children‘s storybook by one of our favorite authors, Kimberley Kleczka.  Not many authors receive our “favorites” stamp, so I think you can see from this fact alone how we feel about her.  In any case, this book continues to build on characters Luna and Alook. The two fun-loving birds enjoy learning all about the world and its many unique experiences.  In this latest installment, Luna and Alook learn about instruments, singing, and all of the finer points of the wonderful world of music.  They do so within a magical world they enter through their adventure book (come to think of it, I want one of those!).  They meet all kinds of animals, plants, and even a few musical notes on their journey through this special world.

Luna and Alook's Magical Music Book 2

Now since the book’s focus is music, there’s a certain amount of difficulty in introducing the subject within a book.  Most books and authors are relatively direct with a topic like this (e.g. there can be a lot of “this is a trombone” or “here’s a note”).  However, what I really enjoyed about Luna and Alook’s latest book is that the topic isn’t thrust upon you and your child.  Instead, your little one is introduced to music through this friendly story and its many cute characters.

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For example, when Alook bumps into a (musical) note, it’s called a “half tone”.  After the introduction of that character/concept, it’s right back to the story and more entertainment.  What’s more is the half-tone crashes into Alook, and the book’s illustration of this interaction is colorfully shown.  The illustration being fun and intriguing for children obviously helps with the understanding of what a note is, even if your child is too young to comprehend the role a note plays in the larger music landscape.

Speaking of the illustrations, this book is on par with other works by this author.  She always works with an amazing illustrator (Apoorva Dingar), whose creations are consistently vibrant and colorful.  Her characters are cute and attention-grabbing, and her style makes the book’s characters pop off the page. There is just no comparing these illustrations to any other book I’ve reviewed.

Luna and Alook's Magical Music Book
                       Like I said…vibrant!

Additional Feature

Now, this book review is a pretty special one for yours truly.  As a result of my special interest in Kimberley’s books, I’ve been able to partner with her to produce a read-through video with a few extra animations and effects for kids (and maybe even parents) to enjoy!  Once you’ve watched our video below, make sure you head over to Amazon to purchase a copy of the book for your (and your child‘s) enjoyment.  Oh, and just in case that offer wasn’t attractive enough, the book is being offered for free on Kindle from April 27th until May 1st (use the link above to take advantage of that)!  For now, here’s the video:

Thanks for reading…with your kids!

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