Bring BubbleBum On Your Next Family Vacation

BubbleBum Junkie Back Seat Organizer 2

The spring season is a fun time with better weather (goodbye, snow!), school breaks, and family vacations. While getting out of town and exploring a new city, beach or park can be exciting, traveling with children can also be challenging. It’s particularly complex with 2 or 3 kids in the car or on a plane. The endless “Are we there yet?” can drive any parent crazy in just the first couple of hours of the trip!

Bubblebum understand the challenges of traveling with children! They were kind enough to let me try out their Junkie back seat organization system and their Sneck pillow, designed specifically for your traveling kiddos.


BubbleBum Junkie Back Seat Organizer 2 Bubblebum Junkie Back Seat Organizer

The Junkie stores cups, toys, and activities to keep your kids occupied and their gear organized in the back seat. Fit it between two seats (including car seats) for easy access to your kids’ activities and gear. After your trip, easily fold up the Junkie and store in your closet. It’s both a reasonable size and weight for easy use and transport.

Junkie Highlights

  • Easy installation: Simply slide seatbelt through safety clips to secure in place
  • Fits between children, so both kids can easily access their gear
  • Tech-sharing system: Nubby grips fits a variety of media devices to keep them in place
  • Removable tote with insulated compartment: Transport gear and keep drinks cool with this built-in cooler that zips closed
  • Cup holders: Two cup holders secure your children’s drinks securely
  • Activity trays: Two airplane-style trays provide room for snacks, doodling and other activities
  • Storage space that contracts when you need it to: Store and organize your children’s gear, and then easily fold up to transport

Grab The Junkie HERE for just $39.99!

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BubbleBum Sneck Pillow

The Sneck pillow attaches to the headrest on your child‘s seat and wraps around his/her head for comfort and easier sleeping on the ride. It also provides extra storage and can be easily folded and carried like a backpack. If your child has trouble sleeping in the car, this may be a great addition to your next trip!

Sneck Pillow Highlights

  • Easy installation: Attaches to headrest for use or storage. No more neck pillows on the car floor!
  • Comfort: Pillow pods conform to your child’s body for optimal sleep position, and luxury fleece material provides a soft surface
  • Stash pocket: Extra storage to keep stuff off the floor
  • Easy transportation: easily folded up and carried like a backpack (very lightweight!)

Grab The Sneck HERE for just $14.99!

Consider these important pieces for your next family vacation by shopping BubbleBum’s website. BubbleBum’s products are also available on Amazon and at select Target and Walmart stores.

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