Fun and Interesting DIY Gift Ideas for Mom

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Gifting is always special, particaularly when you spend time creating a gift yourself. Consider creating a gift for Mom this Mother’s Day. Your creation will be more personal, and she will be touched by your care and intention. You can choose to create simple things and make wonderful personalized mothers day gifts to delight her on this special holiday.

Mother’s Day is on May 14, 2017, so don’t wait to plan a nice gift for her. Here is a glimpse of some easy and creative handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can create for Mom yourself.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Table Centerpieces: You can create simple yet colorful table centerpieces using assorted thread spools. Choose a variety of colored thread spools: blue, pink, orange, green, red, violet, and other colors that Mom will love. With a variety of colored blooms using Mom’s favorite colors, your centerpiece will be complete. Contrasting colors work particularly well. For example, if red is the thread spool, choose a white rose with it. And if pink is the thread spool, keep yellow daisy to complement it.

Mug Art: All you need here are white coffee mugs, nail polish, hot water, and toothpicks. Use the nail polish you have along with some hot water. Fill a bowl with hot water (the hotter the better!), drop one color of nail polish into the hot water, and then take a tooth pick to swirl. Next, dip your white mug into the hot mixture quickly (before cooling) and remove after a few seconds. Place the mug on a paper towel to air dry. This method can create beautiful abstract art on the coffee mugs. Use a variety of mugs and other nail polish colors for a creative gift for mom.

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Glass Showpiece: Use recycled glass soda bottles, and place them in a white wood frame. Measure the radius of the mouth of the glass bottle, and make holes on the wooden frame. This way, you can just fill the bottle with water and keep Mom’s favorite Mother’s day flowers in it. Place it on your coffee table or dining table. You can also color these bottles to create more contrast and detail.

Personalized Coffee Station: You probably have heard about personalized coffee mugs before, but what about creating a personalized coffee station for Mom? The supplies you’ll need: reclaimed wood, hooks, coffee mugs, and paint. Choose one corner in your kitchen and hang the wood pieces on the wall in a heart or square shape. Using your chosen paint color, draw photos of coffee cups and write your mother’s name with “coffee corner” (e.g. Martha’s Coffee Corner). Attach the hooks to the wood pieces, and hang the coffee mugs in the shape you’re creating: triangular, curved tube, or heart. Other pertinent items like spoons, jars of cookies, and a small calendar can also be added to the station. If Mom loves creating her own coffee drinks, she’ll want to hang out in this corner every day!

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