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Lovebug Probiotics

Lovebug Probiotics

LoveBug® Probiotics Delivers Premium, Optimal Gut Health for the Whole Family

NEW YORK – Studies show that more than 70 million Americans suffer from digestive “gut” problems.   A healthy gut is the basis of good health.  In fact about 70% of our immune system lives in our gut.  Current lifestyles, poor eating habits, the environment and increased antibiotic intake have all contributed to an extreme imbalance in the microbiome where “bad” bugs outweigh the “good” bugs that maintain a healthy digestive tract.  LoveBug Probiotics has developed a complete, scientifically-advanced probiotic line targeted to the specialized needs of infants, children, men, and women.

The LoveBug Story

LoveBug was created by Ashley Harris, a mom, searching for the perfect remedy for her ailments after the birth of her son.  During the birth of her son Hudson, Ashley was put on broad-spectrum antibiotics as a preventive measure.  Over the next few months, both Ashley and Hudson started getting very sick.  Ashley experienced constant migraines and suffered from a weakened immune system.  Hudson was colicky and had digestive issues. Frustrated, Ashley began a quest to discover what was happening to them both and why.  The culprit: bad gut bacteria.  Doctors found her symptoms and her son’s were tied to a severe imbalance in their gut bacteria.

Doctors recommended that they both start taking probiotics.   Ashley quickly noticed a dramatic turnaround in their overall health.  Fascinated and committed to sharing her newly acquired good gut health with the world, Ashley and her husband Ben jumped into serious research.  They partnered with leading scientists to create supplements with only the best probiotic strains, delivering the most bugs exactly where they’re needed to do their work.

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LoveBug Probiotics is Born

What are Probiotics?  When “probiotic” is used as a term in naturopathic medicine, it refers to the micro-organisms found in supplements and food sources that when administered in appropriate numbers, benefit your health.

“Our microbiome is a delicate ecosystem that needs a combination of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bugs to function normally,” explains Ashley Harris, CEO and Founder of LoveBug.  “Probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria that live naturally in your gut.  These microorganisms, when properly balanced, act to support your immune system, aid in digestion, support your skin, hair and keep everything in your body running smoothly. We created LoveBug to help people improve their gut health and overall well-being.”

Effective LoveBug Probiotics for the Whole Family

Ashley partnered with leading, internationally recognized probiotic scientists to build a strong foundation for LoveBug’s premium formulations.  The LoveBug scientific development team includes Ioannis Misopoulous, former Director General of the International Probiotics Association, and Dr. Jonathan Weiss, a healthcare expert with degrees from Oxford University, Stanford University and the University of Chicago.

What makes LoveBug more effective than the rest?

  • 15X More Effective than other supplements. LoveBug Probiotics supplements feature BIO-tract®, a patented delivery technology scientifically developed to get the microorganisms past the stomach acid barrier and to their final destination in your digestive tract, where they do their health-boosting work.
  • Superior Strains While many probiotic supplements consist of one strain, each of our probiotics contains a specialized, maximized blend of strains designed to provide optimal health benefits with each daily dose delivering billions of good bugs into your digestive system.
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Lactose Free & Sugar Free
  • Made in the USA
  • Probiotic Health Plan Subscriptions on
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Meet the LoveBug Family

Lovebug Probiotics Family

About LoveBug Probiotics

LoveBug Probiotics delivers a wide range of specialized supplements to help achieve optimal gut health. Through patented BIO-tract® technology, LoveBug Probiotics offer controlled release of active ingredients to ensure the good bacteria survive the digestive process, making their probiotic formula 15x more effective than standard capsules, chewables and powders.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

BIO-tract® is a registered trademark of Nutraceutix.  Patented BIO-tract® delivery technology consistently delivers as many as 15 times, or more, the number of live, viable probiotic organisms past simulated stomach acids than (plain/standard) capsules as repeatedly demonstrated through in vitro lab testing.

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