Restaurant Review: ROTI Mediterranean

Roti Mediterranean

Roti Mediterranean

On most days after a long day at work, I usually like to indulge myself in comfort food that is either deep fried, salty, or possibly full of MSG. This day was different though. I came home ready to order my go-to fast food restaurant off Bootler. With summer approaching, I decided to change things up and look up healthy places that deliver near me. As I scrolled through my options, I stumbled upon a Mediterranean restaurant called Roti. With every restaurant that I order delivery from, I find that I need to do some of my own research to make sure I get the best.

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Mediterranean cuisine is known for using a wide variety of fresh vegetables, olive oil, grains, and lean protein. These are all great ingredients for a delicious, balanced and healthy diet. And Roti, a small chain Mediterranean restaurant located in Illinois, DC, Maryland, Virginia and New York, serves just that! Illinois alone is home to 14 of these locations (Chicago is home to six of these 14). Their mission is to share their love for Mediterranean Cuisine by serving wholesome ingredients and unique spices. They serve some of the best Mediterranean food in Chicago!  

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After deciding on Roti delivery, I looked at the Roti menu and realized it’s quite simple, unlike some of the other restaurants I have reviewed recently. Their main focus is on the personalization of their customers’ dishes. They have four different options to choose from. The Rice Plate (non-GMO Basmati and wild rice mix), Laffa Wrap (Roti’s take on a classic Mediterranean sandwich that uses a soft wrap instead of pita), Pita Sandwich (a mediterranean classic sandwich using whole wheat pita bread), and the Roti Salad (romaine blend with any side to make a healthy but filling salad). After the customers decide what they want, they choose the protein (chicken, steak, fish, lamb, and falafel), sides and toppings (roti, rice hummus, feta cheese, etc), sauces, and extras (e.g. falafel or hummus with the house -baked pita). As a side note, Roti locally sources all-natural antibiotic meats! And for those who are vegetarian, you have your choice of fish or falafel for your protein, along with a wide variety of rich, flavorful sides. This is also a great place for those who are looking for gluten free options in Chicago. Their pita bread and all their proteins have a gluten free option!

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I decided to order the Laffa wrap with steak roti as the protein, all the sides, and the dill, yogurt, garlic and red wine vinaigrette as the sauces. This was the first time in awhile that I was excited to eat something healthy. Just two South Park episodes later, my Roti delivery arrived nice and warm, beckoning me to dig in. The wrap was bigger than I thought it would be. It was quite hard to get my mouth around it. The first few bites revealed the many colors of all the vegetables, along with the juicy steak. The steak was very tender, and it practically melted in my mouth. Along with the delicious meat, the fresh and rich flavors from the sides and sauces (especially from the yogurt, hummus, lemon Oregano pickles, and the red cabbage slaw) complimented the rich meat! At the end of the meal, rather than feeling “greasy full”, I was what I called “healthy full”. This type of fullness can best be described as not feeling floored after eating a hefty meal and still feeling productive. Overall, this was some of the best Mediterranean food I have had in Chicago, and I’m excited to go try more things on the Roti menu.
Despite this being a place that I wouldn’t order food from normally, I had a delicious meal! The next time I am in downtown Chicago, I will definitely make a stop at one of their locations. It is a great healthy option for those who want to explore Mediterranean cuisine without getting into anything too exotic. The food was delivered quickly and the portions and quality of the food exceeded my expectation. This restaurant also is great at catering to all kinds of customers from meat lovers, vegans, vegetarian and gluten free eaters! So stop by Roti Chicago next time you’re in town!

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