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TurnAfter2: Why Your Child Should Stay Rear-Facing Until At Least 2 Years Old

Why Your Child Should Stay Rear Facing Until At Least Two Years Old

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Car seat safety is something that I strongly believe in. Having seen the effects personally of just how horrendous vehicle accidents can be, I want to keep my little one as safe as I can for as long as I can. A recent study from Chicco® revealed that while more than half (58 percent) of parents surveyed know that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says the soonest a child should ride forward-facing is two years old, the majority (72 percent) say they are uncomfortable talking to other parents about keeping kids riding rear-facing, inherently putting children at risk.

This information scares me. As a mom, I want to always do the best for my child, but as a new mom, there has been so much information that I have had to learn. The fact that 72% of moms are uncomfortable talking to other parents about keeping kids rear-facing is alarming. If there were a chance that I could help another mother keep her child safe, I would share as much information with her as possible. “Even the most well-intentioned parents make honest mistakes when it comes to car seat safety, whether it’s improper installation or misunderstanding how car seats are supposed to be used” said Dr. Benjamin Hoffman, a pediatrician and nationally recognized expert in child passenger safety. “The rule of thumb is simple – turn children forward-facing after they turn two-years old.  The longer they can stay rear-facing the safer they’ll be.”

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Why Your Child Should Stay Rear Facing Until At Least Two Years Old

If your child is approaching the age where he or she is outgrowing her infant seat, or if your child is under two and you are considering turning them to be forward-facing, I encourage you to wait and “TurnAfter2”.

If you are a mom who believes in keeping your child rear facing until after two, like I do, I encourage you to take a photo of your child rear-facing and post it all across your social media using #TurnAfter2. Showing your support for this important initiative could possibly save another child’s life.  “In a world where parents have endless platforms to share information, TurnAfter2 is the perfect reminder to use them in a meaningful way and to look out for each other . Knowing that kids who ride rear-facing are five times safer is information every parent needs to know, and we can be each other’s best resource. When one mom shares a photo of her two year old still riding rear-facing, she’ll inspire countless positive conversations between other parents who will want to follow suit. ,” said Daphne Oz, celebrity ambassador for the TurnAfter2 campaign. “Our goal with TurnAfter2 is to educate parents and get them talking about this very important issue in a constructive way so we can keep all little ones safe.

Will you share the TurnAfter2 initiative with me and help raise awareness?

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