Book Review: Big Brother & Big Sister Books

Synergist Publishing has recently released two interactive, customizable books for children, “Big Brother Book” and “Big Sister Book”. Poems, positive messages, and kids’ illustrations fill this large, colorful book. Each page contains a designated area to include photos and drawings from the older sibling as they prepare for their baby brother or sister. It’s a great way to get them thinking about their new sibling while providing an avenue for them to participate in the arrival of the new little one.


Big Brother BookBig Sister Book

Big Brother BookBig Sister Book

Author William W. Hartley originally dreamt up the concept of these books for his daughter Jacqueline, right before his son William was born. He wanted Jacqueline to feel how important she was as a part of their growing family. As a result of William’s desire to create something for his oldest daughter, other siblings can also actively be a part of the arrival of a new little one. And with the high quality heavy paper stock and wipe-clean-with-water soft-touch cover, these books are a beautiful addition to your coffee table or child’s room.

I personally loved the large size of the books, the bold colors on each page and the designated areas for a variety of pictures and drawings. Each book captivated me (I believe they will with your older child, as well!), and it allows your daughter or son to create something fun of their own while learning about their new little brother or sister. I was also surprised to learn that this concept is unique, with no other publication quite like it on the market!

Healthy Moms Magazine and Synergist Publishing are partnering for a giveaway of the Big Brother Book and the Big Sister Book! The first 4 comments on our Facebook promotional post will win one copy of each book. 

Each book retails for $49.99. To purchase each, visit their website. For each book sold, Synergist Publishing will donate $1 (up to $1 million) to various children’s charities in the U.S. to support and build up families in need.

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