Moms Love EnergyBits, A Spirulina Superfood


Spirulina is an antioxidant-rich blue-green algae, bursting with vitamin A, plant-based iron, chlorophyll, and tens of other vital nutrients for good health. Spirulina is 60% protein by weight, and its vitamin A and iron content make it a great energy-boosting food to add to any busy mom’s schedule. Plus, it’s a great green food addition to your healthy diet, chock full of cleansing and energizing chlorophyll.

I recently tried spirulina in the form of EnergyBits, 30 little tablets with pure spirulina and no GMOs, sugar, fillers, caffeine, soy or other chemicals. Just pure, green spirulina algae. What many people don’t realize is that EnergyBits spirulina is NOT a supplement. It’s a food! Spirulina is not grown in a lab and artificially combined with other nutrients. It’s grown hydroponically (in water) and harvested just like other food crops. And EnergyBits has made the consumption of this blue-green algae easier by providing it in the form of small tablets that you can easily take anywhere with you.

I tried these little tablets myself:

EnergyBits Spirulina

I already love spirulina for its’ antioxidants and chlorophyll, as well as its easy transport and consumption, particularly in the bits form. With my busy schedule, it can be challenging to cleanly carry spirulina powder along with me. But, EnergyBits sends along a small metal container to hold a daily serving of bits, so that you can throw them in your bag and bring them anywhere. And I love the skin, hair and energy boosts I see when I take these tablets consistently. My skin is clearer, my hair is strong and shiny, and my energy is stable throughout the day. Of course, these bits perform best when you follow a balanced, healthy diet as your foundation. They are an excellent support for high-stress, active and busy lifestyles. Perfect for moms!

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Moms Love EnergyBits

Bits retail in 33-serving (1,000 tab) bags for $120. T0 make these bags stretch even further, I’ve found that taking a 1/2 serving portion (15 bits) can also provide vital energy and antioxidant support on a daily basis.


To purchase your own bits, visit the EnergyBits website. You can also stay up to date on new products and promotions by following them on social media:

Twitter: @ENERGYBits


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