Parenting by Example

Parenting can be tough, but many of the life skills a child needs are best learned by example. Mom and Dad can repeat the same lectures on eating healthy foods, getting plenty of exercise, having good manners, and giving to others with little effect, but when kids see their parents doing these things themselves, they mimic the desired behavior. Use the following tips to help you set a good example to your own children.


Every parent is guilty of telling their kids to go outside and play while they themselves sit on the couch watching TV. Join in on the fun. Invite them to help you walk the dog. Initiate a game of soccer, kickball, or t-ball. Have a family fun night where you go roller skating or bowling. Children love spending time with adults that will play with them, and these activities make exercise feel more like a special day out than work. Let them see you doing activities that get you up and moving. It won’t be long before they are begging to join in.


Eating healthy can be a real challenge to children and adults. Teaching your kids to eat healthy at a young age will set them up with good habits that they can use throughout life. Rather than ordering them to eat their vegetables, take them with you to the market. Let them pick out their own fruits and vegetables. Once you are home, help them find creative ways to prepare these special treats. Children are much more likely to try something if they think they chose it and helped cook it.

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A Giving Spirit

Children may not always think about giving when holidays and birthdays come along. They’ll be the first to ask for gifts, but they fall short in giving. Make sure they see you giving gifts. For example, make a big production out of making Mother’s Day special for your own Mom. When it comes to Mothers Day flowers Sydney has many fine florists or you can order online from a florist. Have your children help pick the gift out, and make sure they see how excited Grandma is to get it. They’ll naturally want to spread joy themselves.


Manners are a hard lesson to learn, but if your children don’t see others using them, they won’t think it is necessary. Eat dinner as a family at the dining room table each night. Let them see you using your silverware properly, asking politely to have things passed, and chewing with your mouth shut. You can certainly point these things out along the way, but watching you will go further than lecturing them. Continue practicing good manners everywhere you go. Make sure they see that you always say please and thank you. Use these opportunities to talk about how they can do the same.

Making sure you practice what you preach can benefit your child in many ways. You will find raising a well-mannered, giving, and healthy person isn’t as hard as you may have first thought it would be. An added benefit is how these tips work to remind you to be a better person as well. In the end, every member of the family wins.

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