Book Review: Liam Shark Boy

Liam Shark Boy
  • Book Style: Multi-part story for kids and toddlers
  • Reading Level: 3 (Reading Alone due to length of book and some descriptive vocabulary)
  • Reading Length: 10-15 minutes (FYI: we never account for toddler questions)
  • Illustration: Cartoonish, colorful, sharp
  • Age Target: 4-8 Years of Age
  • Author: Stephanie Marie Roberts
  • Author’s Page: Amazon
  • Book Purchase Page: Liam Shark Boy – Kindle $2.89 USD
  • Social Media Links: N/A

Liam Shark Boy is a magical story for kids and toddlers about a young boy named Liam.  Liam loves sharks so much that when he goes on a fishing trip with his dad, he meets one.  That shark, named Dearborn, has a special mission for him.  From that point on, Liam is named Shark Boy and learns that he has special powers.  Being the good kid he is, Liam uses those special powers to help all kinds of sea life.  In the end, Liam has to save a young boy being attacked by some very bad sharks.  We quickly learn that the boy Liam saves is his older brother Joshua, and the two go on being the best of brothers.

Now, this isn’t your everyday e-book.  This is a true multi-part story book, and each part of the book has its own beginning, middle and end.  Each part develops a character, as well as the overall story, and each part can be read as its own separately.  What this means for you as a parent is that you can break up the story into multiple readings.  If you do this, your child will ask to keep reading Liam Shark Boy.  At least, that’s what happened to me!

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Liam Shark Boy

Dearborn and Liam…fast friends!

The reason my little guy kept asking for the story was simple: the characters were fun, and the story is great.  Liam is an extraordinary character simply because he’s a young boy in a typical family, but with special powers.  What kid doesn’t want super powers?  This book’s main character lets your little one imagine themselves as a super hero.

Now, imagination isn’t the only benefit here.  There are an incredible number of facts in this book.  The story is laced with tons of information about the oceans, sea life, and other sea-related things.  Not only that, but it’s done in an effortless way by our author (Stephanie Marie Roberts).  She manages to integrate the facts within the story by having the characters share them (usually about other characters).  I absolutely love this way of teaching kids, as it doesn’t shove the information in their face.  It simply presents it and does so in a moment when they’re completely engaged in the story.

Liam Shark Boy 2

Come on, Mom! Believe me!

Stephanie (our author) has designed this book differently than most.  She hasn’t completely covered every page with illustrations.  Instead, there are 1-2 smaller illustrations on each page.  The illustrations are integrated into the story, and I found myself really enjoying the style within the e-book format.  It allowed my little guy to look at a couple of pictures while I read, and it also allowed me to read more than just a few sentences per page.  This really worked with the book’s longer length.  The illustrations themselves are nothing short of impressive, as they’re colorful and incredibly sharp.  The characters have fantastic expressions, and they appear incredibly lifelike (I just don’t get how artists do this stuff).  All in all they’re vivid illustrations, and each one adds to the book’s overall style.

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In the end, this is nothing short of an incredible story book for kids.  It’s a great source of knowledge about the oceans and sea life, and the illustrations are impressive.  The story itself brings out the imagination in kids. What’s more, the story has been awarded a 2016 eLit Award in the Children‘s Books section (which should tell you all you need to know).

In the end, this book only costs $2.89 USD. What a great deal for such an excellent story!

Thanks for reading…with your kids!

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