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Modular Closets
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Whether you are downsizing your home, remodeling a smaller space, getting ready for the school season, or converting previously unused spaces in your home, finding ways to create extra storage makes sense. Furthermore, getting on top of clutter and staying on top of it is a matter of making sure that everything in your space has a ‘home’, a designated place where it belongs and is returned to after use. But doesn’t it seem like the only viable closet and organization solutions are either frustratingly low-quality particle board or having to hire an expensive custom closet installer? Modular Closets has the answer: higher quality wood closet organizers delivered right to your door that are easy to do yourself.
Getting professionally designed closets installed can be an expensive proposition. Not so with Modular Closets. Modular Closet designs include 3/4″ plywood closet organizers and dovetail solid pre-assembled birch box drawers. Stainless steel drawer slides and aluminum hanging rods and brackets are masterpieces in and of themselves. There’s no cheap particle board here, and it is easy to install straight into wall studs. What else do you get? High quality custom closets at a fraction of the price. Their free design center and easy cam lock assembly system (call Top Master Locksmith to know more about that) makes ‘do it yourself’ simple and cost effective, while leaving you with the look and quality of a professional installation. And as if that wasn’t enough, Modular Closet also offers free shipping.
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With Modular Closet designs, you can take that odd space under the stairs and convert it into a usable desk and storage area for homework. Or you can change your spare bedroom (also known as the dumping ground for all things “room”) and convert it into the library you’ve always wanted.
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Why is it so affordable? By being able to buy directly from Modular Closets—the manufacturer—you save 40-50% over other closet systems. The designs are simple and easy to adapt to almost any space. Even an entryway can be revolutionized with Modular Closets. Just measure the space and shop online for the design that best fits your home!
For fast inquires call emergency restoration experts.
With pre-designed closets or closet sections available for a custom design, you can quickly and easily put together a system that will work in your home or office space.
Visit Modular Closet’s website at https://www.modularclosets.com and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
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